Enroll in an All-Inclusive X-ray Tech School in Orange County

Ever wonder what separates one X-ray Technician school from the other? Modern Technology School has been training X-ray Techs since 1981, here in Orange County, CA. We take pride in being a small Diagnostic Healthcare school, and offer a unique set of benefits to our students. You may be wondering what an all-inclusive X-ray Tech school actually includes as part of their curriculum.

Let’s explore the ins and outs of the best X-ray Technician Programs in California. Together we’ll explore what makes up the best X-ray programs as well as the benefits of enrolling in an all-inclusive X-ray Tech school in CA. Because every X-ray Technician program will differ, it’s important to know what the best schools offer their students. This way, you can choose the best X-ray Tech program for your own specific needs.

What Does an All-Inclusive X-ray Tech School Offer their Students?

Because the term all-inclusive can mean different things to different X-ray Tech schools, it’s important to get an idea of what’s out there. By learning about what different X-ray Tech programs offer their students, you’ll gain an understanding of what your own needs are. Furthermore, this should help you define which benefits are most important to you; therefore making it easy to choose the best X-ray Tech Program for your needs.

First, let’s take a look at what Modern Technology School offers our students. While every all-inclusive X-ray Tech school does things a little differently, this is a great starting point that will help you gain an understanding of some key program benefits.

What Does Modern Technology School’s X-ray Technician / Medical Assistant Program Offer?

  • Modern Technology School is accredited by the ACCSC. This means that you’ll be attending an X-ray Tech school that has to meet accrediting standards
  • We’ve been training X-ray Techs since 1981, right here in Orange County
  • We offer an all-inclusive X-ray Tech School which provides both Clinical Internship & Medical Assistant cross-training
  • No prior Healthcare training is necessary; all prerequisite classes are included in your X-ray Tech training
  • Financial Aid is available to those who qualify and we accept the GI Bill from our beloved US Veterans
  • X-ray Tech classes are taught in small class sizes; you’re able to ask questions and work in small groups
  • Because you never know where you’ll work, we train in both digital X-ray as well as standard film
  • We offer evening X-ray Technician classes; moreover, our X-ray Tech night class includes the same benefits as our daytime program
  • Our Diagnostic Healthcare school faculty has over 150 years of combined experience in Healthcare and Education
  • We offer Job Placement Assistance to all graduates of our all-inclusive X-ray Tech school
  • Our X-ray Tech / Medical Assistant program includes all your textbooks and scrubs; free parking is included as well
  • Your tuition all covers the cost of your first Medical Assistant and X-ray Technician State Examinations

How Do I Enroll in an All-Inclusive X-ray Tech School in Orange County?

Whoa, hold your horses! Remember to take it step by step. Because it’s easy to get ahead of yourself, it’s important to take stock of what benefits are important to you. The first step is always creating a list of your needs. Do you need Financial Aid for your X-ray Technician education? What about your availability — do you need to consider evening classes? Will you be available during the day during the course of your X-ray Tech clinical internship? These are all important factors to consider when choosing the best X-ray Tech school for your needs.

Moreover, it’s vital that you check out a few schools. What one all-inclusive X-ray Tech school won’t offer — the other one might. Overall, it’s important to get the most value for your X-ray Tech school tuition. By this we mean taking the time to consider your own needs. Not every X-ray Tech school is going to be right for your specific needs. Furthermore, some X-ray Technician schools may just want to pile as many students as possible into their classes.

That said, if finding a small X-ray Technician school is important to you, do your research and interview with small schools. When you get to your Admissions meeting, take the time to ask questions. The Admissions rep should be respectful and ensure that you have all your questions answered and that all of your needs are met.

How Much Does it Cost to Enroll in an All-Inclusive X-ray Tech School?

We get this question quite  often. In fact, there’s no set answer. Remember that each school will offer a different set of benefits in their all-inclusive x-ray training. Furthermore, each school will set their own tuition costs. The thing that’s important to remember is that you have your own set of specific needs as well. If you’re not seeing those needs met from one school, take the time to look at more options.

You should never feel pressured to sign-up or enroll when meeting with an all-inclusive X-ray Tech school. Furthermore, a good, honest school won’t push you to enroll because they’re already expecting enough students due to the benefits of their program. If you’re hearing things like “you must complete X class before you can take this class” from the Admissions rep, then it may be time to check with other options. Remember that an all-inclusive X-ray Tech school will usually offer you everything you need under one roof — prerequisite classes included.

Learn About Modern Technology School’s All-Inclusive X-ray Tech Program

You can find out more details about Modern Technology School’s X-ray Technician / Medical Assistant program by clicking here. We’ve been training X-ray Techs since 1981 and pride ourselves on small class sizes and hands-on X-ray Technician training. Our friendly and helpful Admissions Advisor is here to answer your questions and ensure you’re comfortable before moving forward. X-ray Tech classes start every other month, but fill-up quickly due to our small class structure.

If you’re interested in becoming an X-ray Tech in California, give us a call. We’ll do everything we can to be a part of your journey if you’re considering a career as an X-ray Tech in 2019! We also offer an X-ray Only class for current Medical Assistants considering a career in X-ray / Radiology. You can reach our Admissions department by calling 714-418-9100!


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