Ultrasound Technician School: Know the Facts Before Enrolling in Classes

Are you looking to find a career in Diagnostic Healthcare? Becoming an Ultrasound Technologist in California is a rewarding job and can give you the opportunity to help many people. We wanted to put together an article that will give you insight to choosing the best ultrasound technician school for your needs. This guide should be useful, because every ultrasound / vascular program offers different benefits to students.

Furthermore, we know that sonography programs can be tough to dissect, especially once you get past all the marketing. That said, we’ve decided to break down the basics of what you should look for in any ultrasound class. Remember that finding the right ultrasound training can be simple, but only if you know what to look out for. We’ll help you create a list of common benefits as well as walk through some tailor-fit perks that may fit your specific needs.

Ultrasound Technician School: Find a Program at an Accredited Diagnostic Healthcare School

The first thing you should look for when choosing an ultrasound technician school is finding an accredited Healthcare school. While every accrediting/licensing body is different, accreditation offers students the small safeguard of knowing that the school has been vetted by an outside source. Everything from their sonography / ultrasound curriculum to the campus and equipment, faculty as well as individual classes are reviewed by accrediting bodies. Furthermore, the ultrasound technician school must undergo this review annually.

That said, attending an accredited Diagnostic Healthcare school is important. Not only are Healthcare employers more likely to hire a candidate from an accredited school, but it can also assure you that you won’t complete your ultrasound program, only to have to find another school and invest that time & training all over again once you’re out.

While accrediting bodies differ from school to school and program to program, finding an accredited school is just one of the ways you’re able to do more when it comes to choosing the right ultrasound technician school for your needs, right off the bat.

What Other Things Should I Look Out for When Choosing the Best Ultrasound Technician School for My Needs?

While every student’s needs are different and vary from person to person, here are some basics. Start by going down this list and seeing if any of these ultrasound technician school benefits apply to you.

  • How much is tuition for the ultrasound / vascular technologist program?
  • Does tuition include things like scrubs, textbooks and parking?
  • Does the ultrasound technician school offer built-in clinical internship?
  • How many actual hours of internship are included — the more hours of training the better
  • Do they offer hands-on ultrasound training?
  • How packed are the ultrasound tech classes? Does the school keep class sizes small?
  • Is the ultrasound class offered during the day or evening?
  •  Does the ultrasound school offer financial aid?
  • If I am a US Veteran, can I use the GI Bill to attend Diagnostic Healthcare School?
  • What is the class schedule like, and does it change once I’m in my internship?
  • Is job placement assistance provided as part of the ultrasound vascular technologist class?
  • How many months does it take to graduate from the ultrasound school?
  • Will the school train me on various ultrasound machines, both old & new, so that I’m prepared once in the workforce?
  • What is the faculty like at the ultrasound training school?
  • Are pre-requisite classes included, or do I need prior Healthcare training?

Why Modern Technology School is Unique vs. a Traditional Ultrasound Technician School

The Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound / Vascular Technologist Program at Modern Technology School is extremely popular in SoCal for many reasons. First and foremost, we are accredited by the ACCSC. Our ultrasound program provides students a staggering 1,000+ hours of clinical internship. Furthermore, our tuition for ultrasound school is often thousands less than what you may pay elsewhere — especially for hands-on training and our dedication to small class sizes.

On top of our reasonable tuition, both books & scrubs are paid for and not a separate expense for students. Our 18-month Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound / Vascular Technologist class is dedicated to providing students with the necessary experience they need in order to create the perfect image in order to help physicians create a diagnosis. That’s why we train you on a multitude of different ultrasound machines — both old and new. Remember that once you get out in the workforce, you have no control over what technology your company may employ.

Our small class sizes and helpful instructors with years of training are the perfect segue to a career as an ultrasound technologist in California. Remember that not all ultrasound technician schools are created equally. We’ve tried to pack as much value in our ultrasound / vascular course as possible, in order to appeal to the largest audience of students. We offer financial aid to those who qualify, and are proud to accept the GI Bill. Moreover, we have in house job placement assistance!

Have Questions About Ultrasound Technician School and a Career in Diagnostic Healthcare?

We know that most students have questions about ultrasound technician school and finding the right program for their needs. Our friendly and helpful Admissions Advisor spends a lot of time answering questions and ensuring that you find the right ultrasound program for your needs. If we’re a great match, then we’d love to have you; if not, no hard feelings — we know it’s part of the process! That said, we’d be able to point you in the direction of an ultrasound technician school that may fit the bill.

This philosophy of helping students find out if there’s a great match (on both ends) has worked well for us since 1981. Our ultrasound classes start every other month. Did we mention that pre-requisite classes are built-into the program, so you don’t need any additional training to begin?

We understand that choosing the right ultrasound technician school is a big decision. We’re here for you and look forward to speaking with you in order to help you find the right match. Moreover, if you’d like to meet in person, simply give us a call or stop by — walk-ins are always welcome. We offer free tours of our Orange County Healthcare School campus and would love to show you around!

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