Take an X-ray Tech Night Class in Orange County & Become an X-ray Technician in California

If you’ve always wanted a career in Diagnostic Healthcare, or have dreamed of becoming an X-ray Technician, but have obligations which make it hard to train during the day, consider taking an X-ray Tech Night Class. Evening X-ray Technician classes are a great way for people with tight schedules and daytime commitments to become an X-ray Technician in California.

While the x-ray tech training is a bit more intense, and you have to be prepared. Especially if you’re working a day-job while you’re in the class portion, it’s till an amazing opportunity. However, there are some things to be aware of before you begin. For instance, remember that you’ll still need to commit the latter portion of your training to clinical internship. There are also several factors to watch out for when it comes to choosing the best x-ray technician school for your needs.

Let’s explore what makes a great X-ray Technician Program and why taking an x-ray tech night class can be beneficial for some students.

What Are the Hours of an X-ray Tech Night Class in Orange County, California?

This is a tricky question, because hours will differ from one X-ray Technician school to the other. However, there are a couple important things to keep in mind when surveying an X-ray Tech night class. First, remember that you’re working with less hours in a day. Since you’re not training to become an X-ray Technician from morning to afternoon, the program will generally last longer over a period of time.

For instance, if the daytime X-ray Tech Program is 12 months long, the evening one may run 18-20 months, depending on which Healthcare school you attend. Remember to look for schools which offer Clinical Internship as part of their training and X-ray Technician course curriculum. Moreover, know that once clinical internship starts during the latter portion of your program, you’ll generally have to be available during the days in order to complete it. This is simply because most clinical site’s hours take place during the daytime.

The evening X-ray Technician classes at Modern Technology school last 18 months. However, that includes your clinical internship. It also includes Medical Assistant cross-training, which we’ll get to in a second!

What Else is Important to Look for in an X-ray Tech Night Class in California?

Here are a short list of things to look out for, both in an X-ray Tech night class, as well as overall Healthcare school in CA. We go over these with students having trouble picking the right program for their needs. Often, many are surprised when we walk them through the list. Many X-ray Technician schools are not often this transparent. We’re a small Diagnostic Healthcare school however. And as such, have the opportunity to help a handful of students every other month in our all-inclusive X-ray program.

  • Look for an accredited Healthcare school
  • Find an X-ray Tech Night Class that cross-trains students as medical assistants
  • Make sure that the X-ray Technician school offers built-in clinical internship
  • Ask if Books & Scrubs are included in the cost of tuition; find out if parking is extra
  • Do you have to pay for your CA State X-ray Tech & Medical Assisting Exams?
  • If you need Financial Aid — ask them if they are able to offer it to those who qualify
  • Are you a US Veteran who wants to become an Limited Scope X-ray Technician?
  • What about Job Placement Assistance — is it part of your tuition? What does it include?
  • Do they teach hands-on in small class sizes? If not, ¬†which do you prefer
  • Are their instructors compassionate about teaching their students?
  • How long is the X-ray Tech Night Class and what hours do you need to be available?
  • Will you need to change your schedule and daytime commitments once internship starts?

Modern Technology School Offers the Best X-ray Tech Night Class in Southern California

If you’re just starting your search for an X-ray Tech Night Class in Orange County or SoCal, we’re here to help! Not only is our ACCSC Accredited Healthcare School easy to get to, but we pride ourselves in being a smaller school! We’re accessible; our faculty and staff take a hands-on approach to training our X-ray Technician students. Moreover, we train hands-on and keep class sizes extremely small, so everyone has the opportunity to learn.

Want an 18-month evening x-ray tech course? We should be your first stop! We offer financial aid to those who qualify and accept the GI Bill from our beloved US Veterans. Moreover, our X-ray Tech Night Class cross-trains you as a medical assistant, which Healthcare employers want! We also cover the cost of your first CA State X-ray Technician & Medical Assistant Exams as part of tuition cost!

If you’re one of the many people who have wanted a career in Diagnostic Healthcare, but have are stuck due to your daytime obligations, give us a call! Our friendly Admissions Advisor will walk you through the curriculum. We’ll also cover the cost of tuition, and help you determine if we’re a good fit. That said, we’re never pushy when it comes to enrollment. Instead, we want students to find the best fit for their own needs! That said, our X-ray Tech Night Class is perfect for those with busy schedules and daytime commitments!

Call us with questions about our daytime or evening Orange County X-ray Technician Program.

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