Make the Transition to Radiology with an X-ray Tech Course Designed for Current Medical Assistants

Are you a medical assistant in Orange County seeking new opportunities in Diagnostic Healthcare in 2019? As a current MA, you already have half the skill-set that most Healthcare employers look for in their X-ray Technicians. Moreover, you’ve already got a great foundation in professional patient care. Furthermore, did you know that you can jump into an X-ray Tech course specifically designed for medical assistants?

See, Healthcare employers in CA are looking for a hybrid of both Medical Assistant and X-ray Tech. Sadly, many people who are new to Diagnostic Healthcare or living outside of California aren’t aware of this. As a result, when searching for the best X-ray Tech cross-over program, many overlook searching for one which offers both MA and X-ray Tech training.

If you’re currently a medical assistant in California and are considering transitioning your career into X-ray, there are programs out there built specifically for you. Many X-ray Tech schools offer medical assistant cross-training for X-ray Tech students. However, only a few offer an X-ray only program, built for the MA who wants to transition into radiology. Let’s explore the facts as well as what to look for when finding the best X-ray Tech course for your needs.

Look for an All-Inclusive X-ray Tech Course at an Accredited Healthcare School

Finding an accredited Healthcare school should always be number one on your list. Moreover, knowing what goes into accreditation is important as well. Once you find an accredited college, you should ask if they offer an all-inclusive X-ray Tech course. That is to say, find out what’s included in your tuition for X-ray Tech school.

Furthermore, remember that small costs add-up. Things like textbooks, parking, and scrubs all add to the cost of tuition. Ask the X-ray Tech course includes the cost of your first X-ray Technician examination. Find out if Clinical Internship is included, and if so, how long you’ll spend there. Many current medical assistants don’t think about things such as the minimum images required for licensing. When inquiring about clinical internship, it’s vital to ask these questions.

Moreover, remember that you already have a foot in the industry. Having medical assisting experience already puts you ahead of the competition. It also makes you more desirable to prospective Healthcare employers, which is a huge plus when transitioning into radiology.

Add Up the Costs of the X-ray Tech Course and Get Your Facts Straight from Admissions

We hear stories time and time again about students inquiring about an X-ray Tech course, only to be told they need prior training before enrolling. Furthermore, some schools claim that even as a current MA, you’ll need to retake the medical assisting portion of the XT training again. This can be disheartening for most people, and we get it. That’s why it’s important to get your facts right and ask the right questions when meeting with Admissions.

For many all-inclusive x-ray technician courses, you don’t need any prior Healthcare training. Moreover, if you’re already a medical assistant, then you’ve already got that solid foundation we mentioned. Remember that not every X-ray Tech course is created equally. Also, remember that making you retake courses can not only add to cost, but also your time spent in the program. That said, ask, ask, ask away! Find out if your prior medical assisting education transfers over. Also ask if taking just the X-ray Tech portion of the training is a cheaper alternative than the full XT/MA crossover class.

Lastly, we understand that tuition is a big factor in any students’ education. That’s why it’s vital that you keep a log of your overall costs associated with taking any X-ray Tech course, before enrolling. We always recommend you look into a few different X-ray Technician schools, doing your online research, and speaking with admissions. This way, you can be confident you’re getting the best X-ray Technician training for your specific needs.

X-ray Tech Course for Medical Assistants Who Want to Crossover: Clinical Internship is Vital

We tell every student who walks in our doors, that clinical internship is vital. It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to Diagnostic Healthcare, or you’re looking for an X-ray Tech course for current medical assistants. You should ensure they offer clinical internship as part of the X-ray Technician curriculum. Without it, you’re looking at having to find your own internship. Unfortunately for many, not only is this difficult, but it can also be downright impossible in some cases.

While it may sound easy to some to go out and find your own internship, keep in mind that there are minimums set forth by the licensing bodies. A minimum number of images, hours, etc. that you’ve gotta make good on. If the clinic you’re interning at doesn’t adhere to these minimums, or is simply unaware of them, then all your work becoming an X-ray Tech in California may be in vain.

Lastly, ask about other small benefits any X-ray Tech course worth its salt might offer. Find out about financial aid and job placement assistance. Moreover inquire about whether or not they offer evening X-ray Tech courses if you’re still working during the day. Also remember that during your internship phase, you’ll have to commit your 9-5 hours to your training.

Modern Technology School Has Been Training X-ray Technicians Since 1981 – We Offer the Best X-ray Tech Course for Current Medical Assistants

When you’ve been training x-ray techs as long as we have, you tend to pick up on a few trends. Furthermore, you realize that doing right by your students is more important than herding them like cattle. Because we’re a small X-ray Technician school, we’re able to dedicate more to the student experience. We offer small class sizes which help you absorb the material quickly and ask questions. This also allows our faculty to demonstrate exercises and different x-ray positions to our students.

We offer both an X-ray Technician / Back Office Medical Assistant program, as well as an X-ray Tech course that’s perfect for current MA’s. The cost of tuition at Modern Technology School is often less than our competitors due to our low overhead.

Our all-inclusive x-ray tech course is priced-right, and we include a lot of extras:

We also offer both day & evening X-ray Technician classes and financial aid to those who qualify. We’re proud to accept the GI Bill from Veterans and would love to answer your questions. Lastly, remember that you’ve got a lot of choices when it comes to finding the right X-ray Tech course for your needs. Give us a call and ask for Admissions. Our friendly advisor will walk you through the program and get an understanding of your needs.

We look forward to making the journey towards becoming an X-ray Tech in California with you!


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