X-ray Tech in California: Schools, Career and Options in Diagnostic Healthcare

Are you one of the many who are considering becoming an X-ray Tech in California in 2018? If so, this is a great time to jump-start your X-ray Technician career. Diagnostic Healthcare is a great industry, which offers many career options. That said, we’ve put together this simply guide to help you understand what to expect from a career in x-ray.

From finding the best x-ray technician schools, to learning about the job, as well as tips on x-ray tech training, we’ll walk you through it all. Remember, only you can choose the best x-ray tech school for your needs. Moreover, you’re the one in charge of your career and future, so take some notes and remember that we’re here to answer questions!

Becoming an X-ray Tech in California: Factors that Make-Up The Best X-ray Technician Schools

If you want to become an X-ray Tech in California, you’ll need to attend an x-ray technician school. Let’s talk about what to look for when searching for the best x-ray technician schools in your area. Remember that each school will have its own selling points, and that some schools will offer you much more value for the cost of tuition. Most people refer to this as a bigger bang for your buck.

Finally, keep in mind that although an x-ray tech school may look great on paper, you’ll want to visit with them and meet their Admissions rep. We’ll dive into some quick tips after we cover the factors that make-up the best x-ray technician schools in California. When visiting with X-ray schools in your area, bring your notes, and take the time to ask questions.

Factors which Make-Up the Best X-ray Tech Schools in California

  • If you want to become an X-ray Tech in California, find an accredited x-ray technician school. Accredited schools undergo routine check-ups and have a standardized curriculum which is review by the accrediting bodies and State
  • Next, find a program that works for you — find out if the x-ray tech school offers day & evening classes, as well as options for current medical assistants who want to transition into radiology
  • An X-ray Tech in California will need to have medical assisting cross-training — yes, you’ll be a hybrid of XT and MA. It’s important to attend a school that offers you Medical Assistant Training and professional patient care as part of its X-ray curriculum. Learn more about cross-training here
  • Check to see if the school offers clinical internship. It’s an important part of becoming an X-ray Tech in California. It’s also vital to your x-ray career, as you’ll spend time in an actual clinic, with real patients. Furthermore, you’ll be working alongside physicians and more experienced x-ray technicians.

Other Things that Make-Up a Great X-ray Technician Program

  • Ask the X-ray Tech school if they offer financial aid. Because tuition can ultimately make or break your decision, it’s important to know ahead of time if they offer financial aid to those who qualify.
  • Because you want to have as many options when studying to become an X-ray Tech in California, ask about job placement assistance. Does the X-ray Tech school help students with placement after they graduate? What does their job placement department do to assist you in your quest to become an X-ray Tech in California?
  • Be sure and find out if the schools teaches their x-ray technician students hands-on. Moreover, ask about lab time and whether or not class sizes are kept small, so that more students have the opportunity to use the equipment and ask questions.
  • Length of time for the X-ray Technician Program — find out how long you’ll be training as an X-ray Tech
  • Do you get a good feeling from the school? Is it what you were looking for?
  • Lastly, some x-ray tech programs are taught in large groups with little interaction between students and faculty. Others teach in small class settings. These x-ray tech schools often offer a more focused curriculum for those training to become an X-ray Tech in California. That said, it’s important to get a good feel for the school during your appointment with Admissions.

What Should I Expect in My Career as an X-ray Tech in California?

Because every X-ray Technician’s job may differ slightly from one another, there’s not really a one-size-fits all explanation. There are however some common factors which make up an X-ray Tech Career.

For instance, remember that here in California, Diagnostic Healthcare employers are looking to hire a hybrid of X-ray Technician and Medical Assistant. That’s important because you’ll want to find an X-ray Technician program which offers training for both, under the same tuition. We recently covered A Day in the Life of an X-ray Tech in California with Adam Cooper, XT. In the interview, Adam offered insight to those who want to become an X-ray Technician. He walked through not only the basics and all of the career options you have as an XT, but also why it’s important to get excellent Medical Assisting / Back Office training as well.

That said, let’s look at some of the basics of the X-ray Technician career together…

Where Will I Find Work as an X-ray Tech in California?

As an X-ray Tech in California, your employment options aren’t limited to just doctor’s offices or clinics. For instance, you may find work in an orthopedic or pediatric office. There are plenty of urgent care clinics that have been built recently as well. Moreover, there are options to find work in corporate healthcare as well as independent imaging facilities, or in sports medicine clinics.

What Hours Will I Work as an X-ray Tech in California?

This will vary from job-to-job and location to location. For instance, in the past we’ve discussed how different clinics may keep different hours. Furthermore, they may employ limited scope x-ray technicians who work during day shifts, night shifts, or even sleeper-tech shifts, which allow you to work throughout the entire night in a walk-in clinic. Moreover, remember that each employer will have their own standards and rules, as well as hours. The good news is, that as an X-ray Tech in California, you have options. That said, it’s important to know that you do have control over where you would like to work as an XT once you graduate and take your CA State X-ray Exam.

What Does an X-ray Tech in California Do Exactly?

Again, this will differ slightly depending on where you’re working. However, the basics will remain the same throughout most clinics, private practices and imaging centers. X-ray Technicians will often prep patients for routine procedures and take a patient’s medical history. They’ll work with digital x-ray equipment in order to take images of the patient, while protecting them from radiation. XT’s are responsible for correct positioning of the patient, as well as making sure they keep equipment clean and in working order. Moreover, an X-ray Tech will work with a physician in order to determine which images need to be taken.

Will there be downtime? There may be; however each clinic will instruct you on how to fill that time with important tasks. For instance, in your downtime, you’ll be keep detailed patient records organized, ensuring the equipment looks great and that your supplies aren’t running low, etc. The good news is, that as a hybrid of XT/MA, you will be able to continue working on the clock and earning, rather than taking a few images and having to clock-out for the day. This is part of what makes California unique in the Diagnostic Healthcare world, when it comes to an X-ray Technician’s responsibilities.

Is Modern Technology School the Best X-ray Technician School for those Who Want to Become an X-ray Tech in California?

There’s no right or wrong answer here. In fact, we try to make a point to let students know that each X-ray Tech school is different, and that’s good. It’s nice to have choices when it comes to your X-ray Technician education. That said, we’ve been training X-ray Technicians here in Orange County since 1981. That’s a lot of time to know what works and what doesn’t. We’re a small school, but big on value. We offer in-house job placement and financial aid to those who qualify. Furthermore, we teach in small classrooms and instruction is hands-on!

Other Great Benefits of the X-ray Technician Program at Modern Technology School

Your clinical internship is built-right into our 12-month Orange County X-ray Technician Program. Many students are elated to hear this, because there’s nothing worse that trying to find a qualified internship on your own. What’s more is our pre-requisite classes are also built-into the X-ray Tech curriculum! We offer X-ray Technician students scrubs and textbooks as well as free parking in a safe parking lot. We also cover the cost of your first X-ray Technician and Medical Assistant State Examinations! For Veterans who are considering a career in Diagnostic Healthcare, we also accept the GI Bill!

We’ve really tried to cover all aspects of education and training for those wanting to become an X-ray Tech in California. That said, the only thing left to do is call us and ask for Admissions. We’re not keen on blindly pressuring students to enroll in our x-ray program. Instead, we take the time to answer questions and make sure that you’re in the right place. Not only do we want there to be a great fit on our end, but on yours too!

Is there Anything Else I Should Know About Becoming an X-ray Tech in California?

We wanted to take a moment to let you know that there are also options beyond the X-ray Tech Career. Some students want to move on to becoming a CRT or RadTech in California. The problem that many of them are facing, is the 5-6 year wait at most California junior colleges’ radiology programs. If you want to become a Certified Radiologic Technologist, you may want to explore other options. Instead of sitting on wait-list at the JC’s, you can become an X-ray Tech in California first.

After spending 1 year in the field as an X-ray Technician, you’re able to return to a private radiology college. You may then complete the rest of your training in order to become an RadTech in California. If you want to learn more about how to fast-track your radiology career, give us a call. Many students like the idea of the opportunity to earn in a shorter amount of time. We look forward to hearing from you and answer your questions! Find out how our 12 month X-ray Technician / Medical Assistant program can change your career today!

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