Take an All-Inclusive Orange County X-ray Tech Class and Become an X-ray Technician in Just 12-Months

Did you know that you can become an X-ray Technician in California in just 12-months? If you live in Southern California, there are plenty of options when it comes to X-ray Technician schools. Modern Technology School offers an all-inclusive Orange County X-ray Tech class. You get everything you need from pre-requisite classes to your clinical internship. Furthermore, we offer students the opportunity to compete in the workforce by including medical assistant cross-training.

Whether you’re looking for a change of career, or have been dreaming of a career in Healthcare and radiology since you were young, we’ve got you covered! Our all-inclusive X-ray Technician program is a great way to become an X-ray Tech with no prior experience. We take care of your pre-requisite classes, books, scrubs, and pay for your first X-ray Exam. Furthermore, we take it a step further and offer financial aid to those who qualify, and accept the GI Bill from our beloved Veterans.

That said, if you’re looking for an Orange County X-ray Tech class, let’s discuss what you should look for. Moreover, let’s discuss what’s available in terms of X-ray Technician training. This way, once you’re out searching for the best X-ray Tech program for your needs, you know what to look for. Furthermore, once you’re meeting with admissions, you know what to ask.

Orange County X-ray Tech Class with a Solid Curriculum

Finding an Orange County X-ray Tech Class is all about finding the right curriculum. Not only should you find an all-inclusive X-ray Technician program, but you should seek one out that speaks to you. Moreover, it’s important to ensure you’re getting everything you need in order to take the X-ray Tech Exam and get licensed. Let’s cover a few of the basics we offer in our Orange County X-ray Tech class. This way, when you’re out searching for the right X-ray Technician program for you, you can compare:

  • We offer a 12-month all-inclusive X-ray Technician / Back Office Medical Assistant Program
  • Medical Assistant Cross-Training is vital to X-ray Techs who want to work in California
  • We include all your pre-requisite training and a solid foundation in professional patient care
  • Clinical Internship is part of the X-ray Tech curriculum; you don’t have to find your own internships
  • Books & scrubs are included + parking is free!
  • Job Placement Assistance is onsite and part of the deal. We help with resumes, cover letters, and interviews!
  • If you need Financial Aid for X-ray Technician school, it’s available to those who qualify
  • Our Admissions process is quite simple; you don’t have to have Healthcare experience in order to start
  • We’re accredited by the ACCSC, and work hard in order to maintain our accreditation
  • Small class sizes: we want students to absorb the material quickly, and ask questions!
  • Our faculty has over 150 years of combined experience in Education & Healthcare

The Students-First Focus in Our Orange County X-ray Tech Class

Have you ever been to a gym where it’s overcrowded and you’ve got to wait just to get time on the machines? Ever dread going to a big lecture hall because it’s completely impersonal and there’s zero interaction? For those of you who don’t enjoy the idea of being crammed like cattle into an Orange County X-ray Tech class, you’re not alone! That’s why we believe in a small-class culture, and hands-on X-ray Tech training in our classes!

Not only do studies show that you’re more apt to absorb the material in small class sizes, but they’re also conducive to being able to learn hands-on. And hands-on training is vital when you’re planning on working with live patients. Could you imagine learning to become an X-ray Technician online, over the Internet? Becoming an XT just isn’t one of those careers where you can learn on your own and hope you make it.

There’s a lot that goes into a solid Orange County X-ray Tech class. We start with a foundation in professional patient care by including medical assistant cross-training. This means that all of our X-ray Technician students also learn to become medical assistants. This is vital here in CA because Healthcare employers are seeking a hybrid of both when hiring X-ray Techs. Moreover, our clinical internship allows you to intern in a live clinic, with actual patients, alongside a Healthcare team.

Things to Consider About Tuition for an Orange County X-ray Tech Class

First off, remember that every X-ray Technician program is not created equally. Either are X-ray Technician schools, and ultimately the core focus of their programs. That said, it’s vital to take into consideration the cost of tuition for your Orange County X-ray Tech Class. Remember that large schools generally have a big overhead. If you’ve ever met with a big school, you may have noticed that the pressure to enroll when meeting with admissions. Large X-ray Tech schools often have to cover their expenses, so it’s more of a push for students. Couple that with the cost of a large campus, more faculty, and necessities, and you’ll often see a higher tuition.

There have also been times where we’ve been told by prospective students, that some X-ray Tech schools are telling them they need to take a medical assisting class prior to enrolling in an Orange County X-ray Tech class. This is not true. Well, ultimately, you’ll want to be trained and certified as a medical assistant. However, this is just another reason why it’s important to find an Orange County X-ray Tech class that will cross-train you in both careers… at no additional charge or tuition fee.

Finally, remember that small costs add up. Textbooks, scrubs, parking, necessities… they’re not cheap. In our small Orange County X-ray Tech class, we include these at no additional charge. Moreover, our tuition is often thousands less than the competitors — with a small class experience!

A New Orange County X-ray Tech Class Starts Every Other Month!

That’s right! We start new X-ray Technician classes every other month here in Orange County! That said, since we are a smaller school, and are dedicated to small-class sizes, they do fill-up fast. Students are generally impressed once they meet with Admissions and get their questions answered. Furthermore, we meet a lot of future X-ray Tech students who are relieved. Relieved to know we’re not going to push them into making a decision on the spot. We want our students to be educated about their career choice & futures.

Our Admissions process is streamlined and our friendly Admissions Advisor is always here to answer questions. If you’re a current medical assistant who wants to become an X-ray Technician, we can help! We offer an X-ray Only program, as well as evening X-ray Technician classes! If you have concerns about financial aid, we’re here to answer your questions and help you understand the process! Moreover, remember that our Job Placement Assistance department is always willing to listen and lend a hand if you have career questions.

If you’re looking for the best value in an Orange County X-ray Tech class, this is it. Our X-ray Technician / Medical Assistant Program offers the most bang for your buck! We believe that there’s a right X-ray class for everyone. Whether we’re your final choice or simply part of your sorting process doesn’t matter — we want to help you make an educated decision!

Looking forward to working with all of you future X-ray Techs in 2019!

New Orange County X-ray Tech Class Starts Every Other Month!

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