Find Out Why the Limited Scope X-Ray Technician Program at Modern Technology School Offers the Most Value for Your Tuition!

When applying to an X-Ray Technician school, getting the most out of your tuition should be the first thing on your list. However, picking the right school for you can be tricky. We know this because we’ve a Diagnostic Healthcare School for over 35 years. We’ve seen schools come and go. We’ve also seen schools advertise their X-Ray Technician programs in a variety of ways, including Limited Scope X-Ray Technician and Limited Tech programs. Some of these schools are still here; others are not.

So what makes an X-Ray Tech school the right choice? Why choose one X-Ray program over the other? There are actually several factors. Furthermore, a lot of it comes down to getting the most value for your X-Ray Technician education. Let’s explore ways to differentiate between different X-Ray Tech programs and radiology schools in Orange County & Southern California.

What’s the Difference Between an X-Ray Tech and Limited Scope X-Ray Technician?

This is a question we get almost every week. Radiology schools advertise their X-Ray Technician programs in different ways. At first, seeing the term “Limited Scope X-Ray Technician program” can be confusing. Questions we often get are: Does a Limited-Scope X-Ray License mean I’m limited in my options? or How does being a limited x-ray tech affect my career & future? 

The answer is, they’re the one and the same. Both limited x-ray tech and x-ray technician are in fact, both the same position. Furthermore, contrary to the title, Limited X-Ray Tech simply means you’re not a Radiologic Technologist. Limited Scope X-Ray Technicians have a different scope of function in radiology, and the types of exams they can perform. While Rad Techs work mostly in hospitals, limited x-ray techs usually work in the following places:

  • Clinics & Urgent Cares
  • Imaging Facilities
  • Corporate Healthcare Centers
  • Outpatient Clinics
  • Private Doctor’s Offices
  • Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Clinics

Why is Becoming a Limited Scope X-Ray Technician in California First, Beneficial to My Radiology Career?

Many students ask us why they shouldn’t just go on to become Certified Radiologic Technologists in California. Remember,  if becoming a CRT in California is your goal, don’t let anything stop you! We simply want students to be aware of the differences between a CRT (Rad Tech) and an X-Ray Technician (Limited Scope X-Ray Technician). For instance, full-fledged CRT’s must have additional education. Unfortunately, radiology programs at most junior colleges are severely impacted — there’s a 5-6 year waiting list at most SoCal schools. Many prerequisite classes are impacted as well; thus many radiology students fall into limbo at the JC-level.

Most Rad Technologists work at the hospital-level. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen many new hospitals in California in the last decade. There also aren’t a lot of Radiologic Techs retiring, so shifts can be scarce without seniority. You’ll most likely spend your first years as a CRT working graveyard shifts in the ER. If you’re okay with high trauma, the sight of blood and life-or-death situations, then this may be the path for you.

90% of the students we speak to are unaware of these factors. The good news is, the job market is growing for X-Ray Technicians in California! There’s been a large upswing in clinics and urgent cares in the last 5-10 years. Many employers want an X-Ray Technician with radiology skills + medical knowledge to fill this growth. Plus, with less Limited Scope X-Ray Technician graduates, there’s plentiful competition amongst clinics for attracting employees.

Opportunity to Start Working & Earning Quickly as a Limited Scope X-Ray Technician in California

In order to become a Limited Scope X-Ray Technician in CA, you only need your official high school diploma or GED. Most limited scope x-ray technician programs are shorter than radiologic technologist programs (especially considering the waiting list). Many students we work with, earn their X-Ray Tech Certificate and are able to work in as little as 12 months!

This means that you can move forward with not only your radiology career but also your life, in a very short amount of time. We understand that our Limited Scope X-Ray Technician students have lives — bills, rent to pay, family members that depend upon them. This is why we streamline our Limited X-Ray Technician Program and make it all-inclusive.

You not only receive the limited x-ray technician training, but also get cross-training as a medical assistant. This means x-ray technician graduates have more opportunities and better chances to earn a living. Furthermore, they’re adding to their diagnostic healthcare skill-set, which is attractive to employers. Once students complete their clinical internship and take the CA State X-Ray Examination, they can begin working. Our x-ray program’s tuition also covers students’ built-in pre-requisites, MA cross-training, your first CA X-Ray Exam as well as the cost of books and scrubs!

Furthermore, if your goal is becoming a Certified Radiologic Technologist, we can help. After completing our program and working for one year as a limited scope x-ray technician, you can attend a private radiology college and pursue your CRT license without the wait.

The Limited Scope X-Ray Technician Program at Modern Technology School

Our ACCSC accredited Orange County X-Ray Technician school offers students the best chance at success within this industry. We’ve been here since 1981. We’ve had the opportunity to meet many students and adjust our program to match students’ needs. Receiving additional training and clinical internship as part of the program is just the tip of the iceberg.

Our faculty brings over 150 years of combined education, training, degrees, memberships and experience to the table. It’s important that students at Modern Technology School receive hands-on training. We keep our limited scope x-ray technician class sizes small, so you learn the material quickly and comprehensively. Our hands-on radiology labs offer actual experience and field knowledge you won’t find in any online x-ray technician classes. Furthermore, we go another step to help secure our students’ futures by offering an in-house Job Placement Center. We help students with exam study tips, resumes & cover letters as well as networking opportunities for employment.

Our philosophy is a little different than most radiology schools offering a limited scope x-ray technician program. We believe in empowering our students and answering their questions first, in order to make sure they’re making educated decisions about their future.

We’d love to learn about your goals and help you create a pathway to your own personal success as a Limited Scope X-Ray Technician or Certified Radiologic Technologist. Give our friendly Admissions Advisor a call at 714-418-9100 and let us help you start a career you can grow within throughout your entire lifetime!

Call Modern Technology School at 714-418-9100

We offer free tours of our Orange County campus 5 days a week, Monday thru Friday. Financial Aid for our Limited Scope X-Ray Technician Program is available to those that qualify. We are proud to train US Veterans and work with the GI Bill. We’ll help you find out if a career in Radiology and working as an X-Ray Tech in California is right for you.

Don’t forget to ask about our CRT Pathway Program if you ultimately want to become a Certified Radiologic Technologist and want to bypass the wait at junior colleges. You can also fill out the green contact form and our Admissions Advisor will reach out to you. Remember, we offer day and evening X-Ray Technician classes, as well as an X-Ray Only class, which is perfect for current Medical Assistants looking to enhance their career opportunities!

We look forward to serving you and can’t wait to meet you and discuss your dreams!


*Modern Technology School is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges – ACCSC.