X-ray Technician Classes: How to Become an X-ray Tech in CA in 2019

2019 is set to be another great year for the Diagnostic Healthcare industry. We’ve seen a rise in the number of clinics and urgent care facilities which employ x-ray techs here in California over the last decade. As a result, we’re seeing more and more students who want to become an x-ray technician in SoCal. X-ray technician classes will all differ from one another; each x-ray tech school will offer their own set of benefits.

While every student’s needs are different, there are certain things you’ll want to know when choosing the best x-ray tech school in California. As such, we put together an article which outlines some high-level factors that could affect your decision. While reading through, remember that each state has their own guidelines and educational requirements. These are set forth by the Radiological Health Branch as well as the Dept of Education and accrediting bodies.

Let’s explore some of the highlights of the best x-ray technician classes in Orange County. Moreover, let’s take a look at what makes each x-ray tech program unique. It might be a good idea to take some notes, so that you have the facts available when meeting with admissions at any x-ray technician college in California.

X-ray Technician Classes in 2019: Let’s Cover the Basics First

The first goal on your list should be finding an accredited x-ray technician school or Diagnostic Healthcare school. Accredited schools will generally offer better training, and a standardized radiology education. Often, both the school and the x-ray technician classes will be audited annually, in order to ensure students are receiving the best training, and that the x-ray technician curriculum is living up to the standards. In turn, your best interests are looked after a little more when attending an accredited x-ray tech school.

What’s Next: Create a Needs-List When Searching for X-ray Technician Classes in Your Area

We’ve always been big on making lists. We find it’s best to create a list of all the needs you have as a prospective x-ray technician student. For instance, will you require a school that’s close to home or accessible by public transit? What about financial aid? Will you need an x-ray technician program which offers hands-on training, or are you looking for online x-ray technician classes? Do you enjoy learning in small class sizes, or in large groups of people within a lecture hall?

Have you considered how long you’d like to be in school before entering the work force as an x-ray tech? Are the x-ray technician classes’ hours important to your lifestyle? Have you considered job placement assistance, and whether that’s important to you?

Lastly, have you thought about what you’d like to do after x-ray technician school? Where would you like to work? Who would you like to help? What hours would work best for you and your own personal lifestyle? You may want to consider taking x-ray technician classes at a school with an accessible and experience faculty whom you could approach with questions and concerns.

The Foundation & Basics + All Inclusive X-ray Technician Classes in California

Now that we’ve covered some of the personal needs you may have, let’s explore the standards. When picking the best x-ray technician classes for your needs. Moreover, you’ll want to ensure you’re receiving everything you need as an x-ray tech in California, but you’ll also want to ensure you’re getting the most value for your tuition. That said, search for x-ray technician classes which are all-inclusive.

Being an all-inclusive x-ray technician program will again, differ from school to school. But generally speaking, all-inclusive x-ray technician classes will offer more bang for your buck. For instance, some x-ray tech colleges will offer medical assistant cross-training to all x-ray students. This is vital, as in California, you need to be cross-trained as an XT/MA hybrid. Not only are Healthcare employers looking for a mix of both, but you want to have a great foundation for your Healthcare career.

Next, you’ll want to find x-ray technician classes which offer built-in clinical internship. This means you won’t have to go out searching for an internship at a clinic, hospital, or private practice once you complete your x-ray technician training. You’ll also want to get the necessary hours, and take the required number of scans in accordance with State regulation.

Lastly, look for an x-ray technician school which offers added benefits to their students. For instance, think about the cost of tuition, the cost of scrubs & uniforms, as well as small fees like parking. The best x-ray technician programs offer these as added benefits.

Modern Technology School Offers the Best X-ray Technician Classes in Orange County

Modern Technology School has been training x-ray techs in California since 1981. Our ACCSC Accredited Healthcare School is accessible by many of SoCal’s freeways, making it convenient to commute to. Our 12-month Orange County X-ray Technician / Medical Assistant program is all-inclusive; we offer textbooks, scrubs, as well as free parking. Clinical internship is included at no additional cost, and we work hard to place students at great clinical sites.

Moreover, we offer job placement assistance to our grads, and financial aid to those who qualify. Need evening x-ray technician classes? We also offer an X-ray Only program for Medical Assistants who want to become an XT in California.

We pride ourselves on small class sizes and hands-on training. Our faculty loves to answer questions and demonstrate technique within our real-life radiology labs. Furthermore, our X-ray Technician / Medical Assistant program is priced right. As a smaller school, we don’t have inflated costs or the large overhead that many of the larger schools do.

Enrolling in X-ray Technician Classes in Orange County

So if all of this makes sense and sounds good, what are your next steps? The first step should be meeting with prospective x-ray tech schools in your area. Get a good sense of who they are, do your online research, read reviews, check social media, and find out what each of them cost. Next, you’ll want to set some appointments with Admissions.

Admissions will be able to help you understand the ins and outs of each x-ray tech program. You should feel free to ask questions and be confident — remember, the school should want to be transparent with you. It’s important you don’t feel rushed or pressured into making an on-the-spot decision. That said, remember that you have choices. Furthermore, keep in mind that different x-ray technician classes are right for different people.

That said, we’d love to meet you and answer your questions. We can walk you through our x-ray tech program as well as see if we have a good match on both ends. Our x-ray technician classes begin every other month. Because of our dedication to small class sizes, they do tend to fill-up quickly. We’d love to speak with you and see how we can help you on your career path towards becoming an X-ray Technician in 2019! Call our friendly Admissions Advisor at the number listed below!

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