Attending a Small X-ray Tech School – Why Focused Hands-On Training Matters

Have you ever felt completely lost in a large lecture hall classroom? Did you feel comfortable raising your hand or standing up to ask a question? Perhaps you missed something and needed to revisit what the professor just went over, but didn’t want to derail his/her lecture. Maybe you needed more insight but didn’t want to slow down your classmates. It happens to all of us in large classrooms. Reasons like these make us proud to be a small X-ray Tech school.

You see, we’re able to keep students focused, engaged and comfortable during our lesson plans. We also get the opportunity to teach hands-on, something the big X-ray Technician schools miss. Moreover, if a student has a question, our comapssionate faculty can demonstrate the answer for them. While some students enjoy the large lecture hall type X-ray Tech training programs, for us it’s important to be true to our roots.

We started training X-ray Technicians and Diagnostic Healthcare professionals in 1981, right here in Orange County. We find it vital to train our students hands-on, and keep them focused during class — allowing them to ask questions. We’ve found that students tend to absorb the material quickly in our small class sizes, which means they’re prepared for the field quicker.

Why You Should Enroll in a Small X-ray Tech School in Orange County

There’s never been a better time to become an X-ray Tech in Southern California. In case you haven’t noticed, there’s an urgent care on almost every major metro corner, and places where XT’s find work are growing annually in SoCal. Being an X-ray Technician isn’t easy work. Here in California you’ve gotta have two different skill-sets. Employers are looking for both an X-ray Tech and Medical Assistant, so it’s vital to get trained for both occupations.

Finding a small X-ray Tech school can mean that you receive more benefits as a student. For one, you should be on the lookout for an all-inclusive X-ray Technician program. Make sure that medical assisting cross-training is part of the deal, and that you don’t have to pay twice for two separate curriculums. Moreover, find out what other benefits are listed under the all-inclusive umbrella. Remember, since you’re the one paying, you shouldn’t be shy about asking about the value of your education… so get the facts!

What Should a Small X-ray Tech School Offer as Part of its All-Inclusive Training Package?

First, remember that not all X-ray Technician schools are going to be alike. Furthermore, keep in mind that not every all-inclusive X-ray Tech program is going to offer the same features. This is where your sleuth skills come into play and you’ve gotta do your research. In addition to research (either online or in-person), you’ve gotta be comfortable asking questions; remember this is about your future.

We’ve included a list of benefits below in order to give you an idea of what a small X-ray Tech school like Modern Technology School offers its students. We like to think of our program as a solid standard within the X-ray Technician education field. Moreover, we find that our students-first culture has made for better X-ray Techs out in the field. We’re proud to offer one of the best X-ray Technician / Medical Assistant programs in State here at Modern Technology School.

Included Benefits of Enrolling in Our Small X-ray Tech School in Orange County:

  • Complete your X-ray Tech training in just 12-months, with no prior experience!
  • Get all your XT & MA pre-reqs are part of the package
  • Medical Assisting cross-training is provided – you get two skillsets for the price of one
  • Sit for both the National Medical Assistant Certification Exam and Become a Licensed XT
  • No need to go searching for your own Clinical Internship – we include it!
  • Textbooks and Scrubs are part of the standard package – we don’t nickel & dime our students
  • We cover the cost of your first State Exams – both for MA and X-ray Tech
  • Free parking on Campus makes for even more savings vs the large X-ray Tech college
  • Our school is accredited by the ACCSC who is recognized by the US Dept of Education and oversees 650 schools & 150,000 students annually
  • We train our students hands-on in small groups — there’s no need to feel awkward asking questions or requesting a demonstration from our talented instructors who have stood in your shoes prior
  • Job Placement Assistance is provided through the school for all grads
  • Financial aid is available to those who qualify!

Why a Small X-ray Tech School May Be Right For You

If you’re one of the many people who feel overwhelmed learning in a large class atmosphere, you’re not alone. A small X-ray Tech school is right for so many reasons. For instance, do you like getting close-up on subjects and being able to dive deeper into the curriculum than just taking notes off a chalkboard?

Remember that being a great X-ray Technician means you’ll be working hands-on with real patients. You’ll also be putting your Medical Assistant skills to the test as you tackle everything from lab specimens to patient histories. You’ll also be prepping for the physician and helping them out in both an X-ray Tech and Medical Assisting capacity as needed.

We believe that there are just some things that are better learned through hands-on training. Becoming an X-ray Tech in California is one of those things. While learning in a large X-ray Tech college lecture hall may be right for some, small class sizes and hands-on training prove more efficient in the long run.

Enrolling in Small X-ray Tech School

While we can’t speak to enrolling in large colleges or other large X-ray schools, our enrollment process is streamlined. It all begins with one phone call to our friendly and supportive Admissions Advisor. Because we’re a small X-ray Tech school, we don’t feel the need to pressure students or be pushy. Our goal is to see if we’re a fit for your needs!

Give our Admissions Advisor a call today at 714-418-9100. We can help answer your questions about the curriculum, career, as well as financial aid. Moreover, we’re happy to talk shop with you on a one-on-one basis. We’ll also give you a free tour of our small X-ray Tech school.

We’re centrally located to all major freeways here in Orange County, and our X-ray Tech training speaks for itself. Students commute from as far out as San Diego, Ontario and North Hollywood daily in order to train with us. X-ray Tech / Medical Assistant classes start every other month, but they do fill-up rather quickly. We look forward to being a part of your Healthcare career journey in 2020 and can’t wait to meet you!

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