Becoming an X-ray Tech in California: How to Choose the Right School & What to Expect from Your Career as an X-ray Technician

If you’ve thought of becoming an x-ray tech in California, now’s a great time to kickstart your career. Have you noticed the upswing in the amount of urgent cares and independent clinics being built lately? This is great news for the Diagnostic Healthcare industry, because most x-ray technicians find work in these places. Furthermore, x-ray technicians are able to complete their X-ray Tech Training in just 12 months.

With as little as a high school diploma, and a lot of perseverance, you’re now able to enroll in an all-inclusive x-ray technician school and begin looking for work in just one year. Moreover, if you choose the right x-ray school and program, you’ll get everything you need in order to sit for the CA State exam. But how do you choose the best x-ray technician school? And what makes an x-ray technician program the best one for your needs?

Let’s take a look at what the best x-ray technician courses have in common. We’ll also find out what makes certain ones unique and a better fit for you. Lastly, we’ll explore what to look for when searching for x-ray tech schools near you. So grab a pen or your phone and take some notes. Believe us, you’ll need them when you begin your journey to becoming an X-ray Tech in California.

Becoming an X-ray Tech in California: Look for Medical Assistant Cross-Training

Becoming an x-ray tech in California is more than taking x-rays of patients. In fact, a lot has changed in the industry over the last two decades. Because of recent advances in the field of radiology, as well as what clinics & physicians demand from their limited scope x-ray technician, radiography schools have had to adapt. That said, let’s take a look at what an x-ray technician does and what’s expected of them.

Most Diagnostic Healthcare employers in California are looking for a hybrid of X-ray Tech and Back-Office Medical Assistant. While this is different from other states, it works out well in your favor. For starters, you get to stay on the clock after simply taking images of patients. Furthermore, you are building your healthcare skill-set and perfecting professional patient care. Becoming a certified medical assistant is big part of becoming an X-ray Tech in California. You’ve heard us say it before in this interviewyou’ve got to be a great medical assistant in order to be a good x-ray technician.

In an all-inclusive X-ray Technician Program, you’ll usually get cross-trained as a medical assistant as part of your curriculum. Keep in mind that the best x-ray tech schools will also offer clinical internship for people thinking of becoming an x-ray tech in California. Let’s look at what clinical internship portion of your x-ray technician training looks like.

Clinical Internship Should Be Part of Becoming an X-ray Tech in California and Inclusive in Your Training at X-ray Technician School

So let’s discuss clinical internship at x-ray technician school. Clinical Internship usually takes place during the final part of your x-ray training program. During this portion, you’ll be spending time interning at a live clinic or imaging center, alongside staff and other experienced x-ray technicians. Furthermore, you’ll be working alongside a physician who depends on your images in order to help make a proper diagnosis. And moreover, you’ll be working with actual patients — both as an x-ray tech and in a medical assisting capacity.

When searching for the best x-ray technician school for your needs, remember to check if they include clinical internship. It’s important that the x-ray program you choose offers it as part of their curriculum. To put things in perspective, remember that you’ll be prepping/taking exams, absorbing all of the information you’re learning, as well as dealing with regular life at this time. Therefore, it’s important to find an x-ray tech program that finds you a qualified internship. By qualified, we mean an internship at a clinic which will adhere to the regulations and requirements set forth by the State and licensing bodies.

Accredited X-ray Technician Schools and Other Benefits to Look Out For when Becoming an X-ray Tech in California

Accreditation is one of those things most prospective x-ray technician students don’t give much thought to. However, finding an accredited Healthcare school is one of the most important factors in choosing the right school. Without it, you may be forced to return to complete your x-ray technician education at an accredited institution. If you can imagine, that’s probably one of the worst feelings ever. Completing your education only to find out Healthcare employers want graduates from accredited schools.

The good news is, that many X-ray Technician schools that are worth considering are accredited.

Attending an accreditated x-ray tech college serves two purposes:

  • Ensuring that your education matters and that you won’t have issues getting hired due to your education
  • Making sure that you receive the very best, standardized, and State-regulated radiography education

So when you’re searching for the best x-ray technician school for your needs, find out if they’re accredited. Healthcare schools like Modern Technology School in Orange County are accredited by the ACCSC. The ACCSC just celebrated 50 years of Continuous Recognition. They serve as the designated institutional accrediting agency for 700 trade and technical schools that provide quality vocational training to over 150,000 students annually.

Becoming an X-ray Tech in California: How Vital is Hands-on Training and Small Classroom Settings?

We’ve touched on this before in our other articles, but these factors are vital. Not only do you want to find an x-ray technician program that will train you hands-on, but also in a small-classroom environment. The hands-on training is self-explanatory — your job is primarily taking x-ray images of patients. However, you’ll also be working as a medical assistant and doing back-office work. For a full list of what X-ray Techs can expect to do daily, visit this page.

That said, nothing will beat learning hands-on, when it comes to your x-ray technician education. Some x-ray tech schools may offer online x-ray classes but they will never compare to getting to work hands-on. Furthermore, you’ll want to be as prepared as possible once you get into your clinical internship and especially out in the field with prospective employers.

Lastly, remember that small classroom settings can make or break your radiology experience. With small classrooms, comes the ability to ask questions. You’re able to dive deeper into the material, especially when working hands-on. You can get up-close and personal with the equipment without having to wait. Furthermore, you’re able to make a connection with your x-ray technician instructor.

This is all vital and key to you absorbing the material quickly as well as retaining that information.So be sure and ask prospective x-ray schools if they offer hands-on training and small-class settings. It’s just another tidbit that will add to your experience.

Modern Technology School Offers the Most Benefits for Those Thinking of Becoming an X-ray Tech in California

If everything we’ve covered so far makes sense to you and really strikes a chord, you’re not alone! We’ve been training folks who want to become an x-ray tech in California since 1981. That’s over 4 decades of knowing what works, what doesn’t and making adjustments to meet the needs of the industry. Moreover, we’ve been lucky enough to make connections with clinics, imaging centers, orthopedic offices, and private practices.

Our included clinical internship is just one of the many perks at our ACCSC accredited Diagnostic Healthcare school. We offer financial aid to those who qualify and are happy to accept the GI Bill from our beloved US Veterans. Moreover, our x-ray technician program is all-inclusive, and offers everything you need in order to start looking for employment in just 12 months. Pre-requisite classes are built-into the program and we offer job placement assistance.

Modern Technology School’s campus is smaller than other x-ray tech schools in California. It’s because we only enroll a specific amount of students to each x-ray technician class. We keep class sizes small because our experienced faculty wants to work hand-in-hand with our students. Lastly, we offer day and evening x-ray technician classes to fit your needs and schedule. If you’re a current medical assistant who’s thinking of becoming an x-ray tech in California, we offer an X-ray Only course as well!

Modern Technology School is Now Enrolling for Our August 7th X-ray Technician Class!

If you’re thinking of becoming an x-ray tech in California, now’s the time! We want to answer your questions and it’s as easy as giving us a call and asking for Admissions. Whether you want to become an X-ray Technician, or go on to become a radiologic technologist in Caliornia, we can help!

Our August 7th X-ray Technician / Medical Assistant program is a great place to begin your radiography career. Give us a call and let us know what your goals are. Our friendly and helpful Admissions Advisor will walk you through our program.

Books, scrubs, and parking are included in the cost of tuition for our x-ray technician program! We also cover the cost of your first State Exams for both Medical Assisting as well as X-ray! Take a small tour of our safe campus and see firsthand why we’re one of the best X-ray Technician school in Orange County, CA.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your dreams of becoming an X-ray Tech in California!

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