A Guide to Finding the Best X-ray Technician Schools in Orange County, California

If you’ve come upon this article, chances are you’re searching for the best x-ray technician schools in Southern California. That said, there many factors that make a good school a great one. You’re not alone in your search. In fact, we meet hundreds of students each year that want to become an x-ray tech in California. What always stands out, is how many of them don’t know what to look for when searching for the best x-ray school. Furthermore, a lot of them are blinded by marketing or false promises. Others simply don’t know where to start their search or have a lot of questions about what happens after they complete the x-ray program.

That said, it’s important to know what to look for when finding the best x-ray technicians schools for your needs. Moreover, it’s vital that you get the training you deserve the first time around. This way, the time & effort you’ve sacrificed, goes into a worthy x-ray technician program. Because many schools bill their x-ray tech program as the best when advertising, let’s go through the features that stand-out in the best x-ray technician schools. We’ll also cover small details which many schools may skip over, in an attempt to sway your decision. Instead, we’ll give you the meat & potatoes of what to look out for and you can decide based on your own needs.

X-ray Technician Schools in California: The Basics and Foundation of X-ray Tech Education

Let’s explore the basics and foundation for your x-ray technician education. We’ll run through a few of the key-factors which you should look for in any x-ray tech program in California. Remember, x-ray technician schools will always differ and offer varying benefits. That said, your goal is to find one that fits a majority of your needs, if not all of them.

X-ray Technician Schools that Have Accreditation

We’ve said it often, but we’ll say it again — find an accredited Diagnostic Healthcare School. Accredited schools offer their students the safety of knowing that the school undergoes regular review. Not only is the x-ray technician school reviewed, but the faculty, marketing, textbooks and curriculum are as well. Entities like the ACCSC act as the accrediting body for hundreds of schools throughout the nation. They are responsible for annual reviews of 700 trade and technical schools across America.

When looking through your short list of x-ray technician schools that may fit the bill, make sure they are accredited! You get the benefit of knowing your education is safeguarded a little more. But you also will have the peace of mind in knowing that you won’t have to return to an x-ray tech college after completing your chosen program because your initial school didn’t offer the x-ray tech training & curriculum required by most CA Healthcare employers.

Find an All-Inclusive Program at X-ray Technician Schools

An all-inclusive x-ray tech program is vital to ensuring that you get the best bang for your buck. When comparing x-ray technician schools in your area, remember that tuition cost is divided into several factors of your education. While some x-ray tech schools may offer an all-inclusive program, it’s important to know what that truly means. Furthermore, keep in mind that all-inclusive programs will usually give you all the tools you need in order to start your x-ray tech career.

Let’s take a look at some of the questions to ask x-ray technician schools which offer an all-inclusive program:

  • Does your x-ray technician program offer medical assisting cross-training? Many, if not all CA Healthcare employers are looking for an XT/MA Hybrid
  • Do I have to have any prior Healthcare or Medical industry experience before I start the x-ray technician program?
  • Do I need to take pre-requisite classes in order to enroll in an x-ray technician program?
  • Will I have to pay extra for my textbooks and scrubs/uniforms? If so, what will that cost me? What about parking?
  • Is clinical internship included in the cost of the x-ray technician class, or will I be forced to find my own internship?
  • Do the x-ray technician schools near me offer job placement assistance?
  • What is the X-ray Technician School’s training philosophy? Do they teach hands-on? Are they keen on keeping x-ray tech class sizes small so that I can learn more and ask questions in the labs?

While these are all small factors which most people miss when interviewing x-ray technician schools, they are all vital. Some x-ray tech schools also advertise an all-inclusive program, but don’t check every box. When searching for a good x-ray technician school, always do your homework and ask these questions when meeting with Admissions.

Why is it Important that X-ray Technicians Schools Offer Clinical Internship to their Students?

Are you aware that in order to become an X-ray Technician in California, you’ll need to undertake a clinical internship? For those who are unaware, clinical internship usually takes place during the latter portion of x-ray technician programs. It’s time spent interning in an actual live clinic. During your internship, you’re not paid; however, you do work alongside a clinical team, other experienced x-ray techs, as well as physicians and real patients.

X-ray technician schools should offer clinical internship as part of their all-inclusive x-ray tech programs. This means, that you’ll comfortably work your way into an internship after your x-ray course curriculum is complete. It also means that you won’t have to find a qualified internship on your own, especially during this hectic time. Remember, you’ll be absorbing all the x-ray tech training, prepping for exams, etc. Furthermore, clinics have to adhere to certain curriculum and requirements for all x-ray technicians that are in clinical internship. Basically, this is something you want to ensure doesn’t go awry for you.

The best x-ray technician schools will offer clinical internship as part of their standard x-ray tech program. Furthermore, they’ll have already established a network of clinics, orthopedic offices, imaging centers and private practices which gladly accept and help train their students during internship. This is vital because this is where all of your radiology training and professional patient care have been leading up to — a live clinical setting!

Modern Technology School Offers the Most Value for Your Tuition & Everything You Need in Order to Jump-Start Your X-ray Tech Career in California

If everything we’ve been covering has made sense so far, it’s because we wrote the book on x-ray technician training in Southern California. Our ACCSC accredited Healthcare school has been training x-ray techs since 1981. We offer financial aid to those who qualify and glad accept the GI Bill from our awesome US Veterans, who train at our school. Job placement assistance, clinical internship and pre-requisite classes are all built-into our  Orange County X-ray Technician / Medical Assistant Program.

Our Admissions Advisor is friendly, and always happy to answer questions, rather than push you into enrolling. Instead, we take a small-school approach and offer more than big x-ray technicians schools can. Our x-ray technician classes are taught hands-on, and we adhere to small-classroom settings in order to give you the most out of your x-ray education. We cross-train all our x-ray techs as medical assistants, and give you a solid foundation for professional patient care.

We’re now enrolling for our August 12 Month X-ray Tech / Medical Assistant class. We’d love to meet you and answer your questions, as well as give you a tour of our safe Orange County campus. We also offer evening x-ray technician classes and an x-ray only class for current medical assistants.

A Final Note for Future X-ray Techs & Those Searching for the Best X-ray Technician Schools in CA

Remember, no matter which x-ray technician schools made your short list, and which one you end up choosing, make sure it’s the right school based on your own needs. Do your research! Check them out on Yelp as well as the school’s social media posts in order to get an understanding of their program, faculty, and ethics!

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you become an X-ray Tech in California within the next 12 months!

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