X-ray Tech Courses: How to Choose the Right X-ray Technician Class for Your Needs

Do you want to become an X-ray Technician? If you live in Orange County or SoCal, you have a lot of great X-ray Technician school options available. Furthermore, once you get licensed, there are a lot of different paths you can go down. However, knowing that there is a current need for qualified XT’s in many parts of Southern California and Orange County, makes for an exciting journey. Because there are more than one option for X-ray Tech courses, you’ve got to find a school that fits your needs.

Many X-ray Tech schools in Orange County will offer an all-inclusive program, but what does that mean? Moreover, many X-ray Technician programs include clinical internship, but what exactly is included? Should X-ray Techs look for courses that offer Medical Assisting cross-training? Is it important to find a school that offers hands-on training and small class sizes? Let’s explore the ins and outs of how Modern Technology School has been training XT’s since 1981 here in Orange County.

Find X-ray Tech Courses with a Timeline that Works for You

Are you a day person, or prefer to train at night? There are several options for both daytime classes as well as evening X-ray Technician classes here in OC. If you’re one of the many people who work for a living or have other obligations during the day, taking X-ray Tech courses at night may be right for you.

But what about your overall timeline? Do you want to complete your X-ray Tech program in as little time as possible in order to get out and start looking for work? Perhaps you’re a little more laid-back and want to take your time — stretching out the curriculum as much as possible in order to make it work with your schedule.

Whatever your timeline is, you’ll need to find out what hours work best for your X-ray Tech courses. Modern Technology School offers both evening and daytime classes for X-ray Technicians. Both factions receive the same exact training, benefits and clinical internship. Furthermore, both day and night students also get medical assistant cross-training at no additional cost!

Checking All the Boxes when It Comes to Picking the Right X-ray Tech Courses

First things first — find a list of X-ray Tech schools in your area. Don’t be afraid to go through and check up on each of them. Find out what others are saying — reviews, social platforms, etc. are a great place to start. You may even want to look up the schools name on LinkedIn and find out if there are other graduates currently working in the field.

Next, make a list of your top 5 or top 3 schools to meet with. Don’t be afraid to go in and ask questions — remember the X-ray school is there to serve you as a student, not the other way around. Don’t feel pressured, don’t sign anything unless you’re 100% comfortable, and again — ASK QUESTIONS!

Find out if the Healthcare schools is accredited, and by what accrediting agency. While this isn’t a catch-all, it does say something about the school. It also offers a little bit of safety, knowing that a non-biased organization (like the ACCSC & others) are watching over you. Generally, an accrediting body will oversee a group of technical colleges or trade schools and are looking out for students’ best interests. They’ll ensure the curriculum, facility, instructors, equipment and program are up to recognizable standards.

All-Inclusive X-ray Tech Courses: Get the Most Value for Your Tuition

Many X-ray Tech courses in Orange County & SoCal will advertise an all-inclusive curriculum. However, be aware that not all all-inclusive curriculum are alike. For instance, two X-ray Tech colleges may both offer clinical internship. However, one may provide more hours to students, beyond the basic minimums required for licensing. This is important because becoming an X-ray Technician in California is a hands-on role. You need as much practice exposing and working with patients as possible.

Another example of where two all-inclusive X-ray Tech programs will differ may be what’s included. One school may offer medical assistant cross-training at no additional cost, while the other charges a separate tuition. It’s important to ask about the cross-training, especially since Healthcare employers in California are looking for a hybrid of X-ray Technician and Medical Assistant.

There are other small differences here, like getting your textbooks & scrubs as part of the program. Finding out the cost for parking and supplies, as well as lab-access. When in doubt, ask questions when you meet with the school’s Admissions Rep! Remember, you want the most value for your X-ray Tech school tuition.

Modern Technology School’s All-Inclusive X-Ray Tech Courses – Why We’re the Best Place to Train

We’ve been here in Orange County since 1981 and always put our students first. We’ve always been devoted to hands-on training for X-ray Technicians and teach in small class sizes! We don’t do the large lecture hall thing; we’d rather work closely with our student-base and ensure they’re getting what they need! Moreover, you can ask questions and get your answers demonstrated one-on-one with our compassionate instructors and faculty. We offer a 12-month X-ray Tech curriculum and both day and evening X-ray Tech courses.

Both day and evening students receive the same benefits, including:

  • Medical Assistant cross-training (at no additional charge)
  • Clinical Internship in a live clinic with real patients & more experienced X-ray Technicians
  • Our X-ray Tech courses include books, scrubs, supplies and free parking!
  • No Pre-requisites or experience is required – begin your career in just 12 months
  • Financial aid is available to those who qualify
  • Job Placement Assistance is part of the package here at MTS!

X-ray Tech Courses in Orange County – Next Steps

If you are curious about what the role of an X-ray Technician is in today’s world, and your options once you complete the program and pass your exams, check out our interview with Adam Cooper, XT. Furthermore, if you have questions about our X-ray Tech courses or want to learn more, we’re here to help! Simply give us a call at 714-418-9100 and ask for Admissions! Our process is simple and streamlined, and we love answering students’ questions with no pushiness or pressure!

We do offer X-ray Tech courses every other month here in Orange County and there’s never been a better time to begin your journey! However, remember that due to the small class sizes, space will also be limited! We keep them small so you can learn the material quickly and absorb it! Next class start dates are January 13th 2020 and January 20th for the day class!

X-ray Tech Courses Begin Jan 13th & 20th 2020!

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