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We meet hundreds of students each year who are considering a career as an X-ray Technician in California. Some come in knowing exactly what they’re getting into and what they want. However many, don’t really know where to begin, what the career entails, or what they should look out for in an X-ray Tech training school. Moreover, they are unsure if they have what it takes to become an X-ray Tech, or if their education and experience are enough.

We wanted to create a short article that you can use as a blueprint for what to look for. Wondering what the pitfalls of some X-ray programs are? What about vitals like Medical Assistant Cross-Training and Clinical Internship? Will attending an accredited college provide you with any kind of safeguard? How much should you pay for tuition for X-ray Tech training school? Do you want to learn in small class sizes or at a large Diagnostic Healthcare college? Furthermore, many students are concerned about pre-requisite training and the need for prior experience. We’ll cover all these and more in this short write-up. So grab a pen and notepad and take some notes!

The Basics You Should Look for in an X-ray Tech Training School in California

We’ve said a million times before. Because every X-ray Tech training school is different, they’ll offer different benefits to their students. For instance, one radiology school may offer to medical assistant cross training, while the other forces you to take a separate medical assisting class. However, both programs may be classified as “all-inclusive” by the schools. That’s where enrolling in the right X-ray Tech school gets tricky. Ultimately, that’s also why we wanted to write this article — for students to use as a reference when searching for the best X-ray Technician school for their needs.

So let’s start with some basics in what to look for in any X-ray Tech training school, especially those who claim to have an all-inclusive X-ray Technician program:

  • All pre-requisites included, meaning you won’t need prior radiology or Healthcare experience
  • Clinical Internship should be provided (check on the number or hours/images)
  • It’s necessary that Medical Assisting cross-training should be provided for XT’s in California
  • Financial aid to those who qualify

Beyond the Basics: Features of a Top X-ray Tech Training School in California

Beyond the basics listed above, you should ask about the following features when checking out any X-ray Tech training school. Remember that X-ray Technician schools can label their radiology program as all-inclusive, yet not include some of these. Because of this, it’s vital to take some notes and be prepared to ask questions when interviewing with different colleges in your area.

So what sets apart a top all-inclusive X-ray Tech program from the other?

  • A streamlined curriculum; one that allows you to begin your career after you graduate and pass your exams
  • Going beyond the minimum in the number of hours and images required during the included Clinical Internship
  • Paying for your first X-ray Tech and Medical Assisting Exams as part of tuition
  • Books and Scrubs should be included in the cost of the X-ray Tech program
  • Job placement assistance should be provided to XT grads
  • Hands-on X-ray Technician & Medical Assisting instruction
  • Training on both Digital and Film equipment to ensure you’re covered no matter where you work
  • Small class sizes with easy access to your X-ray Tech and Medical Assistant instructors

What Makes Modern Technology a Great Choice for Those Searching for an X-ray Tech Training School?

Modern Technology School has offered an X-ray Technician program since 1981, when we first opened our doors. Our Orange County Healthcare school prides itself on small class sizes and hands-on instruction. Our faculty has over 150 years of education and field experience shared between them. We’ve been a destination for those searching for an X-ray Tech training school in Orange County since 1981. Since then, we’ve learned exactly what works and what doesn’t.

We keep class sizes small and adhere to a small school culture. We enjoy knowing our students by their first names and where they excel, as well as where they need the most help. Our instructors allow you ask questions during classes and lab sessions. They also take the time to demonstrate the response hands-on. Since our class sizes are kept small, we go the extra mile and offer everything bullet-pointed above, in both sections.

Our 12-month, all-inclusive Orange County X-ray Technician program offers students a streamlined career path. We cover your pre-requisites so that you don’t need prior experience in order to begin your journey. You’ll still need your High School diploma, but as far as Healthcare training, we’ve got you covered. Our classes start up roughly every other month here in OC, and students commute from all parts of Southern California to take part.

How Can I Learn More About Enrolling in the Right X-ray Tech Training School for My Needs?

We’re here to help! It doesn’t matter if we’re your last stop or not. Of course, we hope we’ll be — but we understand that every student’s needs are different. Our friendly Admissions Advisor will take his time to answer your questions. We want you to be confident about which X-ray Tech training school you decided to attend. Moreover, we want to ensure that you’re confident that you’ve chosen the right career path.

Our X-ray Technician program offers students a one-stop curriculum for Diagnostic Healthcare training. We get one year with our students, and we want to make it count! We hope to hear from you and to become part of the memories you create during this special time in your life! Give us a call at 714-418-9100 and ask for Admissions. You can also fill out the green contact form on this page in order to be contacted by our friendly Advisor! We look forward to hearing from you and meeting you!

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