The Benefits of Attending a Small X-ray Technician School in California

Do you want to become an X-ray Tech in California? Perhaps you’re one of the many who have considered enrolling in a large X-ray Tech college. Are you curious about what the benefits of attending a small X-ray Technician School are? We meet hundreds of students each year who want to become x-ray technicians. Many of them are certain that they want a career in Diagnostic Healthcare, but don’t know where to begin.

If you’re interested in becoming an X-ray Technician in California, you have plenty of choices. In this short article, we’ll walk through all of the basics of a good x-ray technician program. Furthermore, we’ll dive into some of the benefits of attending a small x-ray technician school. Because every x-ray program will differ, and not every x-ray technician class may be right for all candidates, it’s important to take some notes and ask plenty of questions when interviewing with Admissions.

Moreover, it’s vital to keep in mind that every x-ray technician school will offer a different set of benefits to students. While every x-ray technician course may not be right for every single student, you should strive to find one that best fits your own personal needs.

Why a Small X-ray Technician School May Be the Best Option for Your Training

When searching for the right X-ray Technician program for your needs, it’s important to take stock of what your needs are in the first place. We encourage students to take notes and to create a needs-list that you should stick to when interviewing with x-ray tech schools in your area.

That said, we also want to touch on the benefits of attending a large x-ray tech school vs. small x-ray technician school. Remember that only you can decide which type of program is right for your own specific needs. Over the many decades of working with x-ray tech students in California, we’ve found that small x-ray technician schools offer many benefits.

Some of these added perks get a little thinned-out when enrolling in a large campus or lecture-type x-ray tech class. Furthermore, small x-ray tech programs offer students a culture which is tough for larger schools to compete with.

Some of the Benefits of Attending a Small X-ray Technician School Include:

  • Small class sizes — think of school like a gym for your mind; you want to be able to use the machines without a wait
  • Individualized attention — it’s important to be able to ask questions and get answers demonstrated by qualified faculty
  • Comfort-level — we find that students feel more at-ease and at-home working in small groups
  • Hands-on training — this is a big one; taking x-rays and working with patients requires plenty of hands-on skills
  • A staff that knows who you are, as well as where you stand in the x-ray technician program curriculum

Finding a Small X-ray Technician School with an All-Inclusive X-ray Tech Program

We’ve talked about this before, but when searching for an X-ray Technician program for your needs, it’s important to find an all-inclusive program. Because all-inclusive can mean different things to different schools, the list below includes what we mean when we say “all inclusive.” Remember that these benefits change from program to program and school to school. Because of this, it’s vital to take note of which values speak to you and your needs, and then to take those with you on your enrollment meetings.

Benefits of Enrolling in a Small X-ray Technician School which Offers an All-Inclusive Program:

  • You should receive medical assistant cross-training; this is important and we explain why in this article
  • You shouldn’t have to have prior Diagnostic Healthcare or medical experience. The all-inclusive program should offer built-in prerequisite classes
  • Clinical internship is a HUGE part of your success as an X-ray Tech in California. That said, you’ll want to find an X-ray Technician school which offers built-in Clinical Internship. This is one of the ‘big ones’ as you don’t want to have to find your own qualifying clinic after your training is complete
  • Look for a small X-ray Technician School which offers textbooks and scrubs as an added bonus. Remember that every small cost adds up and you want the most value for your tuition
  • When looking for an all-inclusive x-ray technician program, try finding one that pays for your first CA State Exam. Ask Admissions if the school you’re considering does this — both for X-ray and the included MA cross-training
  • Check with the school to ensure they have a way to prep you for training online as well. Inquire about quizzing and whether or not you can keep up with course material using an online system
  • Financial aid and job placement assistance are important to many students. Consider checking with Admissions whether or not they’re part of the all-inclusive x-ray tech program at your school

Modern Technology School Has Been a Hidden Gem in Orange County Since 1981

Folks we’ve been doing this for almost 4 decades here in Orange County. Our small Diagnostic Healthcare school offers one of the best X-ray Technician programs in the State. We pride ourselves on being a small x-ray tech school. Our X-ray Technician / Medical Assistant program is all-inclusive and lasts just 12 months, including clinical internship. We take care of placing you in a qualified clinic at the end of your x-ray technician training. Moreover, we offer financial aid to students who qualify and accept the GI Bill from US Veterans.

Our Admissions process is simple and streamlined. We keep class sizes small so that each student has the opportunity to ask questions. Not only do we value the students in our small x-ray technician school, but we take a hands-on approach to training. We offer books, scrubs as well as free parking as part of your tuition. Want job placement assistance and help with custom cover letters, resumes, and more? No problem, we’ve got you covered there as well.

Is Modern Technology School the Best X-ray Tech School for Your Needs?

Because we are a small x-ray technician school, we only accept a limited number of students in each x-ray tech class. New x-ray technician classes start up every other month here in Orange County. However, because of our dedication to small class sizes, they tend to fill-up quickly. Our Admissions Advisor is always here to answer your questions. We’re not pushy about getting you to enroll. In fact, we want you to find the right program for your own specific needs.

That said, if you feel we’re a great match and want to become an X-ray Tech in 2019, we’d love to meet you! Furthermore, if you have questions about evening X-ray Technician classes give us a call! We also offer an x-ray only program for current medical assistants who want to transition their careers into X-ray! Give us a call and ask for Admissions. Our friend Admissions Advisor will walk you through our program and pricing. Our school is accredited by the ACCSC.

Remember that you do not need prior Healthcare experience in order to enroll and become an X-ray Technician in 2019. All of your pre-requisite classes are included, and we strive to make tuition affordable for most students. Come take a free tour of our small x-ray technician school campus and let us show you how we’re unique! We look forward to meeting you and becoming part of your journey into Healthcare & Radiology in 2019!

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