X-ray Tech School in OC: The Facts on X-ray Technician Programs in 2019

If you live in Orange County and are considering becoming an X-ray Technician in California, you’re in the right place. We’ve been training X-ray Techs since 1981 and offer one of the best all-inclusive X-ray programs in the State. There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to finding the right X-ray Tech school in OC for your needs.

Let’s examine what makes up the top x-ray tech programs in California. Furthermore, we’ll help break down the facts on X-ray Tech School in OC and how to get the most value for your radiology education in 2019. Moreover, we’ll walk you through the basics — where X-ray Technicians work, what they do, and most importantly, how to choose the right x-ray tech program the first time around.

What Happens After I Attend an X-ray Tech School in OC?

If we know our students, they want the juicy details first… and we don’t blame them! Together we’ll look at what X-ray Tech school in OC consists of, as well as what X-ray Technicians do, at least here in California. Because every state does things a little differently, and each state will have their own requirements, keep in mind this pertains only to CA.

What do X-ray Technicians do in California?

In Caliofnria, XT’s or X-ray Technicians (not Technologists) play the role of XT and Medical Assistant. It’s unique in that you have to be good at both professions and have a great foundation in professional patient care as well. You may spend 40% of your day taking actual x-ray images, and the rest of the time, working in a medical assistant facet. It could also be the other way around; it really depends on the employer and even the time of day.

What you can expect is the following; remember, this is based on our experience working with X-ray Technicians in California:

  • Meeting with and ensuring the patients feel comfortable before taking their medical histories
  • Prepping the patient for x-ray procedures
  • Knowing how to position the patient properly in order to expose a great image
  • Radiation safety: protecting the patient from radiation
  • Operating digital and film x-ray imaging equipment
  • Keeping detailed patient records for the clinic / phsyician
  • Working closely with the physician in order to help them obtain a clear diagnosis

Where do X-ray Technicians Find Work in California After X-ray Tech School in OC?

  • Imaging Facilities
  • Pediatric Clinics
  • Orthopedic Clinics
  • Urgent Care Centers (think of how many of these have popped-up in the last decade)
  • Private Doctor’s Offices / Private Practice
  • Corporate Healthcare Facilities / Independent Clinics
  • Sports Medicine Clinics

Also, keep in mind that there are plenty of different options for different shift-work which fits your lifestyle and needs. If you want to work afternoons and be off during the mornings, or vice versa — you can tailor your own experience based on the jobs you choose to apply for. Furthermore, there are also a lot of 24-hour clinics which Adam Cooper, XT, discusses working at in this interview we conducted with him.

Find an X-ray Tech School in OC that Offers Medical Assistant Cross-Training for X-ray Technicians

If you’re planning on working as an XT in California, it’s important to be a great Medical Assistant as well. That said, you’re going to want to find an X-ray Tech School in OC that offers medical asssiting cross-training. Because here in CA, most Healthcare employers are searching for a hybrid of X-ray Tech and Medical Assistant.

That said, it’s important to ask Admissions at the X-ray Tech School in OC, if they offer cross-training for their X-ray students. Usually X-ray Tech students spend the first portion of their curriculum getting a strong foundation in professional patient care, and then move into x-ray and radiography.

Because you never know where you’ll be working 1 year from now, you’ll want to ensure you have all the training you’ll need — both as an X-ray Technician and Medical Assistant. Not only will it give you more arrows in your quiver, but you’ll also understand the fundamentals of Healthcare and safeguarding your patients while helping them.

How to Choose the Best X-ray Tech School in OC for Your Own Specific Needs

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s talk about doing a search of your own. For starters, you’re going to want to take a full inventory of your own specific needs. Now’s a great time to grab a pen or your phone/tablet and take some notes on what you’re looking for specifically in an X-ray Tech school in OC.

Furthermore, let’s cover all the factors that make an X-ray Technician class worth its salt. Remember, you want the biggest value for your tuition, and should find a school and x-ray program which checks off the most boxes from your needs-list.

The Basics any X-ray Tech School in OC Should Offer their Students

  • Be sure to choose an X-ray Tech School in OC that offers an all-inclusive X-ray Technician Program
  • Medical Assistant Cross-Training for all X-ray Tech students
  • Built-in Clinical Internship — this is a must; make sure you don’t have to find your own internship once school ends
  • Hands-on X-ray Technician training – this is self-explanatory; you’re going to want to learn hands-on
  • Digital X-ray Training — but also get trained on older technology; you never know which your employer will utilize
  • Financial Aid to those who qualify — definitely a big must for some students

Additional Benefits Which a Good X-ray Tech School in OC Should Offer

  • Does your lifestyle require that you take evening X-ray Technician classes
  • Ask the X-ray Tech School in OC if they offer Job Placement Assistance
  • Find out if the X-ray Technician program is taught in small class sizes, making for less competition on the machines and in-depth demonstration from instructors
  • Ask them if they prep you for the CA X-ray Tech and Medical Assisting Examinations. Try and find an X-ray Technician program which offers some kind of online tracking of your quizzes and progress
  • Does your tuition cover the cost of your textbooks and scrubs? These are all added costs — don’t forget about parking!
  • The best X-ray Tech programs will also offer to cover the cost of your first State exams — both for XT & MA
  • If you’re a US Veteran, definitely ask if you can use the GI Bill for X-ray Tech School in OC

Modern Technology School Has Been Training X-ray Technicians in California Since 1981

If you’re looking for the best X-ray Tech School in OC, you’ve found it. We’re a smaller school, so we offer some benefits our larger competitors can’t. For instance, we offer small class sizes, and really hands-on training for x-ray technicians. We combine the medical assisting training at no additional cost. Moreover, we’re often priced much less than other schools due to our lower overhead.

Modern Technology School also includes the built-in clinical internship. We offer financial aid to students who qualify and are proud to accept the GI Bill from US Veterans. We’re accredited by the ACCSC, a national accrediting body. Furthermore, our Job Placement Assistance department students help with custom cover letters, resumes, and conduct employer meet & greets from time to time. Our 12-month X-ray Technician program is all-inclusive. This means you don’t need any prior training before enrolling in our X-ray Tech school in OC. Books, scrubs, parking, your first State exams for X-ray/MA are included!

Because of our small class sizes and our commitment to keep our culture connected, our program fills-up quickly. The good news is, new X-ray Tech classes begin every other month here in Orange County. Call our friendly and helpful Admissions Advisor and ask about what makes us unique. We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to picking an X-ray Tech school in OC; we hope we can help you along your journey of becoming an X-ray Technician in California.

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