X-Ray Tech Night Classes Start November 13th in Orange County!

Because of work, family schedules and other obligations, we’re not always able to take the steps needed in order to further our careers. This why X-Ray Tech night classes are a perfect option for busy professionals who want a career in Diagnostic Healthcare. Fall is a great time to get started and begin taking the next steps towards your new career. Moreover, it’s a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of the new year and all of the options at your disposal.

For instance, you can continue to take classes to continue to build your skill-set. This will enable you to work towards bigger goals and achieve a higher level of success in the Healthcare industry. While some people pick a profession and stick to the same one for the entire course of their career, others continue their pursuit of higher learning.

That said, taking classes in the evening is a great way to continue adding to the building blocks of your medical career. Our X-Ray Tech Night Classes have been designed to accomodate busy lifestyles of working professionals. They are also a great option for people who have time constraints due to family or other personal obligations. Let’s explore what makes our X-Ray Tech Night Classes such an attractive option.

Why Should You Take X-Ray Tech Night Classes?

Becoming an X-Ray Technician in California is a big step. X-Ray Techs make great money, have steady careers and plenty of options for growth. Some people opt for our 12 month X-Ray Technician Program which takes place during the day. In this all-inclusive program, we cross-train our X-Ray Tech students as Medical Assistants. Books, scrubs, and your clinical internship for X-Ray are all provided in the cost of tuition. Some people are not aware of the benefits of the medical assisting training provided as part of program. Getting your Medical Assistant / Back Office certification is important because you:

  • Build a strong foundation for the fundamentals of Healthcare
  • Learn how to work hand-in-hand with physicians & clinical team
  • Get educated on disposing of bio-hazardous waste, sterility, blood-borne illnesses and more
  • Gain valuable insight to patient care, health records and terminology
  • Make yourself more attractive to Healthcare employers
  • Have a larger skill-set to fall-back on if necessary
  • Can choose which direction(s) you want to take your medical career

On the other hand, some people are strictly interested in our 9-month X-Ray courses. These X-Ray Only courses offer strictly the X-Ray Technician portion of the training, and it’s a perfect alternative for those who already have medical assistant certification. Moreover, taking X-Ray Tech night classes can lead to a better career with more options, as we’ll get into.

X-Ray Tech Night Classes are Perfect for Current Medical Assistants

Current Medical Assistants can greatly benefit from taking X-Ray Tech night classes. Let’s find out why taking evening x-ray tech courses can take your medical career to the next level. First off, it’s a great opportunity to enhance your Healthcare career and add to your skill-set. Furthermore, current medical assistants have the opportunity to earn better pay as an X-Ray Technician. While there are medical assistants out there in California, the number of x-ray technicians is much less. This means that you may have a better opportunity to land a steady job as an X-Ray Tech.

On average, limited x-ray techs, also known as limited-scope x-ray machine operators also make better pay than most medical assistants in California. Because of this, taking an x-ray tech night class is a perfect way to “earn while you learn.” You can still work your medical assistant career during the day, while learning to become an x-ray technician at night. Working towards your Healthcare career goals in the evening is a great opportunity that isn’t an option in every profession. Furthermore, how many places give you the chance to step-up your current career in just nine months?

How X-Ray Tech Night Classes Can Enhance Your Career

While there have not been many hospitals built in Southern California in the last decade, clinics are popping up on every corner. Whether it’s an urgent care, or sub-clinic for a larger hospital, or even standalone private-practices and imaging centers — we’re seeing a surge in places that hire X-Ray Technicians. For the most recent X-Ray Tech salaries, check with the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Of course, this is just the median, so your opportunities will vary based on different factors.

For instance, you could be really good at what you do and get hired like many of our graduates, right out of the gate. Because we’ve been effectively training X-Ray Tech students for so many years, we know our program works, if you do. Moreover, our Career & Job Placement Assistance Center is here to help with exams, resumes, cover letters and interviews. While visiting the Payscale page, note that other skills listed on the right affect your x-ray technician salary. One of those skills listed is medical assisting, which is great to hear.

Key Differences Between Day Classes & X-Ray Tech Night Classes

Medical assistants who are interested in becoming an X-Ray Technician will still have to complete the clinical internship portion of their X-Ray Tech training. Though our X-Ray Tech Night Classes are held in the evenings, you’ll need to complete clinical internship for x-ray during normal business hours. Due to the hours most clinics hold, this is generally a requirement, but contact our Admissions Office to learn more. Remember that clinical internship is included as part of your tuition in our all-inclusive X-Ray Technician Program!

Another key difference between our daytime X-Ray Technician classes and X-Ray Tech Night Classes is their length. This is partly due to the fact that our daytime X-Ray Tech courses also offer that medical assistant training.  Keep in mind that our X-Ray Tech Night Classes don’t provide the MA training. Again, this is a key differentiator between the two classes. Furthermore, you should base your decision of which class to take on your own career goals. Our friendly Admissions Advisor is here to answer all of your questions and ensure you understand the basics & details before enrolling.

How to Enroll: Modern Technology School’s X-Ray Tech Night Classes Start this Fall

Our next X-Ray Tech Night Classes start on November 13th! These classes are a great opportunity to become an X-Ray Technician in California on your own time. Modern Technology School is an ACCSC accredited institution and we adhere to the strict guidelines of the accrediting bodies. Our X-Ray, Radiology and Medical Assistant curriculum is one of the best in California and as a result, our classes fill up fast. We also keep class sizes small in order to help students learn faster, and absorb the course material quickly. You will work hand-in-hand with a talented faculty and receive hands-on learning, both within the classroom and real-life x-ray labs.

To top it off, we offer Financial Aid for our X-Ray Tech Night Classes, to all those that qualify! We know that your education is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in your lifetime. As a result, our Admissions Advisor will work with you to find the perfect classes & pathway based on your specific needs. Let us know if you’re a Medical Assistant looking to upgrade your career and get into X-Ray & Radiology. Likewise, tell us if you’re looking to get the additional Medical Assistant training as part of the curriculum. Some students want to go on to become Certified Radiologic Technologist in California. No matter what your ultimate career goals are, we can walk through them together and help create a roadmap to your success!

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