Career as an X-ray Tech in CA: Worth Choosing Over Medical Assisting?

We’ve met thousands of students who were interested in becoming medical assistants since we first opened our doors in 1981. Many prospective students come to us because they’re genuinely interested in medical assisting, while others simply want to get their foot into the door in Diagnostic Healthcare. We also meet our fair share of students who’ve wanted a career as an X-ray Tech, but have been told they need to begin as a medical assistant — which is not true.

Another thing that many students miss is that an all-inclusive X-ray Tech program should include medical assistant cross-training. For instance, by training as an X-ray Tech in California, you should also be cross-trained as a medical assistant. This means that you can choose your career path after you graduate and pass your exams. Moreover, whichever you decide on, remember that you can begin either with no prior experience. That is, if you choose the right X-ray Technician school and program.

So why choose one over the other? And why should you consider a career as an X-ray Tech over Medical Assisting? Furthermore, why are some Healthcare schools in Orange County telling students they need to start at the MA level? Let’s debunk some of the myths and walk through the facts together. We’ll explore the ingredients that make up the best X-ray Tech programs in Orange County and things to watch out for when choosing the best program that’s right for you.

Do I Need to Begin My Career as an X-ray Tech in California by Completing a Medical Assistant Class First?

This is a tricky question. For starters, here in California, it’s important to be a good medical assistant if you want to become an X-ray Tech. However, if you want a career as an X-ray Tech, this doesn’t mean you need to enroll in two separate programs. Nor does it mean you should take the time to complete them separately. For instance, a good X-ray Tech program will be all-inclusive. This means it should include everything you need in order to begin your career as an X-ray Tech once complete.

Furthermore, an all-inclusive X-ray Tech program will take you through the basics of Medical Assisting. Is will also help you sit for the National Medical Assistant Certification Exam. Generally, they’ll start your training with Medical Assistant portion and slowly transition towards the X-ray Technician curriculum. Finally, towards the end of the program, you should be working in both facets within your Clinical Internship.

So to answer the question: no, you do not need to take a medical assisting class first. Rather, you need to find an all-inclusive X-ray Technician program that includes medical assistant cross-training. So when searching for the best X-ray Tech school when beginning your career as an X-ray Tech, ask a lot of questions. Find out if they offer an all-inclusive X-ray program, and what exactly does that all-inclusivity mean for you.

Why is Medical Assistant Cross-Training Important to My Career as an X-ray Tech in California?

It’s been said many times, that in order to be a great X-ray Technician, you must also be a good Medical Assistant. Because California is a little different, Healthcare employers are looking for a hybrid of both XT and MA. Not only do you get the foundation you need in Diagnostic Healthcare, but you also develop your skills in professional patient care.

By receiving medical assistant cross-training, you’re only strengthening your career as an X-ray Tech in California. Furthermore, you’re also developing the vital skills necessary to compete in the workforce. Moreover, you gain insight and experience that can help you work better in both facets.

For instance, here are just some of the things you’ll cover in the medical assistant portion of your training: 

  • Recording and filing patient records
  • Walking patients through procedures with ease
  • Taking patients’ medical histories
  • Collecting & prepping lab specimens
  • Preparing and scheduling patients for their next appointment
  • Performing injections/venipunctures
  • Getting patients’ vital signs

While these all fall under the medical assisting portion of your career, make no mistake that CA Healthcare employers want their X-ray Technicians to be at competent and confident performing these procedures. Also, keep in mind that the better you are working as an MA, the more confident you become in your career as an X-ray Tech.

Starting My Career as an X-ray Tech: What Else Should I Look for When Choosing a School

Aside from an all-inclusive X-ray Technician program, it’s also important to identify other key details. When choosing an X-ray Tech school that’s right for you, it’s vital to do your research. Moreover, if you want to begin your career an an X-ray Tech quickly, here are some other factors you should pay close attention to:

  • Find an X-ray Tech college that will get in and out in 12 months or less
  • Ensure that their all-inclusive X-ray Technician program really does provide everything you need to start you career
  • Does tuition also cover the cost of expensive textbooks and scrubs?
  • Is parking included or do you pay to park?
  • Are pre-requisites included and can you begin with no prior experience?
  • Do they teach in small class sizes or large lecture halls that make it difficult to ask questions
  • Are the X-ray Tech and Medical Assisting instructors easily accessible to students?
  • Will they demonstrate responses to your questions if necessary?
  • Do you work hands-on in live Radiology/X-ray labs and Medical/Back Offices?
  • If clinical internship is included, how long do you spend interning in a live clinic?
  • Does the X-ray Tech school pay the cost of your first exams for both XT and MA?
  • What about Job Placement Assistance and Financial Aid?
  • Do they have any approved programs for Veterans of the United States Armed Forces?
  • Is there a night school or evening X-ray Technician classes available?

Modern Technology School Has Been the Best Place to Begin Your Career as an X-ray Technician & Medical Assistant Since 1981

At Modern Technology School, we know what works and what doesn’t. Whether you’re considering a career as an X-ray Tech in California, or a Nationally Certified Medical Assistant, we can help! Tuition for our programs are so closely-matched that it often makes sense for those considering becoming a medical assistant to jump into a career as an X-ray Tech. And why not? The pay is often better, you still have the option of working in an MA capacity, and there are some great opportunities and a current need for X-ray Techs in SoCal.

Remember to take inventory of your own specific needs from the list above. If you want a solid career as an X-ray Tech, don’t rush into signing anything. Ask a lot of questions and be sure you’re in a place that cares about your needs & future. Because we’re a small Orange County Diagnostic Healthcare school, we can’t take every student we meet. Our small class sizes help us work closely with our students.

How Often do X-ray Tech Classes Start at Modern Technology School

If you want a career as an X-ray Tech in California, classes here begin every other month here in Orange County. Our friendly Admissions Advisor is here to answer all of your questions. There’s never any pressure or pushiness from us. Instead, we want you to be confident in finding the best X-ray Tech school for your needs.

Give us a call today at 714-418-9100 or simply fill out the green contact form on this page and we’ll contact you. Find out why our Orange County X-ray Technician Program is leaps & bounds ahead of the competition. We look forward to becoming a part of your special journey towards your career as an X-ray Tech in California!

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