How to Find the Best Hands-on X-ray Tech School in Orange County

Now is a great time to start thinking of a new career as an X-ray Technician in California. There are many opportunities for trained X-ray Techs here in SoCal, but a lot of students aren’t sure where to begin their search. We have always prided ourselves in a students-first philosophy here at Modern Technology School. Because we are a small and hands-on x-ray tech school, we’re able to place our focus on what’s best for students. Instead of herding them into our x-ray tech classes, we ask questions. We want to learn more about their goals, and ensure that we have a great fit on both sides.

While it’s true that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all X-ray Tech program out there, we do our best to check off all the boxes! Many students want to know what separates our hands-on x-ray tech school from others in Southern California. The answer lies within our small school philosophy, hands-on training, and all-inclusive curriculum.

Let’s explore what makes Modern Technology School’s Orange County X-ray Technician / Medical Assistant program the best choice. Because we’re all different, be sure to take notes and also create a list of your own needs when it comes to x-ray tech training. Remember that not all x-ray tech schools are created equally, so there’s no wrong school to attend. Instead, choose the x-ray school that best fits your needs & budget.

Why is Finding a Hands-on X-ray Tech School Important?

A hands-on x-ray tech school is vital for many reasons. Most importantly, being an X-ray Technician is a hands-on career. You are out there working with patients, physicians, and clinical staff. Not only must you know how to interact with all of them, but you also have to be able to position patients properly in order to get the results you need. These results will aid the physician at your hospital, clinic, orthopedic office, sports medicine complex, or private practice, in obtaining a proper diagnosis.

Without hands-on training, you’re left behind and quite often your skills & growth are stunted. While other x-ray techs are familiar with how to work with patients and position properly, you’re still learning how to catch-up. This is why we believe there is no substitute for hands-on training when it comes to your x-ray tech classes.

So be prepared to get in the trenches, work diligently and patiently with your peers and patients, and to avoid online x-ray technician classes, no matter how attractive they may seem on paper. Ultimately, you’ll want to find an X-ray school that works closely with their students. Your best bet is to get as much hands-on training as possible, ensuring that you know how to take charge when it’s your turn to run the field.

Hands-on X-ray Tech School: Spot the Differences Between Two Programs

We’ve covered this on plenty of occasions, but let’s recap how to spot differences between two different all-inclusive x-ray tech programs. For starters, you’ll want to do your research. Moreover, remember when we told you to make a list of your own needs? This is where that list will come in handy! You’re going to want to create a checklist of your needs when it comes to your x-ray tech education. Moreover, you’ll probably want to know what a school should offer their students, so you have an idea of what’s available.

At Modern Technology School, we believe in giving students the most value for their tuition. You should always try and get as much bang for your buck when it comes to your x-ray tech training in California. But how do you tell two all-inclusive programs apart? For starters, it all lies in the details. For instance, both x-ray tech schools may be all-inclusive and offer clinical internship. However, one may offer way more hours in their internship. Furthermore, while both schools are labeled all-inclusive, you may still have to pay for things like parking, textbooks, or supplies. These small fees add up, and can end up costing you thousands more than you’d planned.

At Modern Technology School, we don’t believe in adding a bunch of extra fees or charges to student tuition. Moreover, we believe students should get everything they need to begin their career under one tuition. Let’s explore some examples together.

What do you Get at your Hands-on X-ray Tech School?

Modern Technology School has been training X-ray Technicians in California since 1981. Our small Orange County Diagnostic Healthcare school is dedicated to ensuring you get everything you need to start your career. With us, you pay for one tuition, but get tons of added benefits & value. Let’s explore what’s included in our Orange County X-ray Technician Program below:

Hands-on X-ray Tech School – What Will I Receive at Modern Technology School?

  • Get Medical Assistant Cross-Training at No Additional Cost. Our all-inclusive program trains you as both an X-ray Tech and Medical Assistant. This is vital in CA where Healthcare employers require this; it also means you virtually have two careers for the cost of one.
  • We train our students in small class sizes. This is important because you can focus, absorb the material quickly, and ask questions. Furthermore, you get your answers demonstrated for you by our all-star faculty.
  • Clinical Internship is included as part of your education. Take advantage of a streamlined X-ray Tech program that will guide you towards an internship when your classes are complete
  • All your textbooks, scrubs, supplies, parking, and the cost of your first State Exam (for both X-ray and MA) are included at our hands-on x-ray tech school
  • We offer both day and evening X-ray Technician classes at Modern Technology School
  • Job placement assistance is standard at our school, visit the link to learn more about all the ways we help our students
  • Financial aid is available to those who qualify! If you need help paying for a hands-on x-ray tech school, we’ve got you covered and can help you find out if you qualify quickly!

How to Get Started and Learn More About Hands-on X-ray Tech School in Orange County

As you can see, our X-ray Technician / Medical Assistant program is a true all-inclusive class, and can be completed in as little as just 12-months. Imagine being able to begin your new career in Diagnostic Healthcare in just one year. We’re here to help if you have questions. Our friendly Admissions Advisor is standing by to make sure you have the facts, and we never pressure our students into enrolling.

Give us a call at 714-418-9100 today and learn more about how to become an X-ray Tech in California. We keep our class sizes small, and they do fill-up quickly on their own. Our next class begins July 6th here in Orange County. We’d love to learn more about your career goals and see if we’re a great fit for your needs!

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