X-Ray Tech Night School: Start 2018 with a New Career as an X-Ray Technician

2018 is set to be another landmark year for Diagnostic Healthcare. The industry as a whole, has been on a steady climb since 2012. Check with the Bureau of Labor Statistics to learn about industry growth in upcoming & recent years. Furthermore, x-ray and radiology technology isn’t slowing down anytime soon, as we’re seeing major updates to the field of x-ray every year. That said, there’s never been a better time if you’ve been thinking of becoming an x-ray technician in California. There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing an x-ray technician school, and that’s what makes the decision kind of tricky. Whether you enroll in a daytime x-ray class or attend x-ray tech night school, you want to ensure you’re making the right choice for your future in radiology.

We’ve seen a major growth spurt in the number of facilities and clinics where x-ray techs work in the last decade. From clinics and urgent cares, to imaging centers and private practice, x-ray is a hot field to get into in 2018. There are a lot of options and things to consider when it comes to x-ray tech schools and x-ray programs. Let’s explore how going to x-ray tech night school might be the right choice for you, and why it’s such a popular choice for 2018.

Myth: You Need Prior Healthcare Experience to Take X-Ray Tech Night Classes

Many people think they need prior healthcare or radiology training before enrolling in an x-ray tech night school. While this may be true for professions such as physicians and nurses, or even becoming a rad-tech, it’s not necessarily the case for x-ray technicians. A limited-scope x-ray technician can usually start in an x-ray tech program with just their high school diploma. It’s one of the few exciting fields within diagnostic healthcare that start you off on a level playing field. Furthermore, a good, accredited x-ray technician school will include your pre-requisite classes for x-ray.

We’ve met and trained plenty of x-ray techs who were looking for a change of career, a new start, and even high school graduates, veterans and retirees. When choosing the best x-ray tech night school for your needs, find one that’s accredited. Also, be sure to ask if their x-ray technician program is all-inclusive. All-inclusive x-ray technician programs will usually include your pre-requisite classes. Moreover, a good x-ray tech night school will cross-train you as a medical assistant. This makes you valuable and attractive to healthcare employers and helps solidify your foundation in healthcare and patient care.

Earn While You Learn – Working While Taking an Evening X-Ray Tech Program

So what makes an x-ray tech night class a great option and so attractive? Many people like that you can “earn while you learn.” This means you can choose to work your current job during the day, and attend x-ray classes at night. It’s a valuable resource that isn’t available to many people in other industries. Furthermore, it’s a great option for those who have busy lifestyles, rent to pay, and mouths to feed. There aren’t many industries that allow you to start from scratch by taking night classes.

That said, keep in mind that a good x-ray technician school will also include clinical internship. Your internship usually takes place during the latter portion of your x-ray tech program. During the clinical internship phase, you’ll be required to spend days in an actual clinic. You’ll work alongside a clinical team, physician, and experienced x-ray technicians, with real patients. We’ll get into planning for clinical internship shortly. For now, be aware that x-ray tech night class is a great option for working professionals with real-life responsibilities. For most, simply knowing that there is an option to take x-ray classes at night is a huge relief.

X-Ray Tech Night School is a Great Option for Current Medical Assistants

Becoming an x-ray technician or limited scope x-ray tech is a great choice for current medical assistants. Whether you’re a current medical assisting professional looking to further your career in healthcare, or simply want a pay raise, taking an x-ray tech night class can be extremely beneficial to your future. We meet and train many medical assistants who take advantage of our “X-Ray Only” program. It’s a solid choice for medical assistants because it allows you to work your MA job during the day. At nights, you can attend your x-ray course and since the “X-Ray Only” portion does not include Medical Assistant training, you can usually complete it fairly quickly.

This allows you to expand your healthcare career, and continue to grow within your profession. It also allows you to keep earning your salary while training to become an x-ray tech. However, as mentioned previously, be sure to plan ahead for the clinical internship phase of your x-ray tech night class. You’ll eventually have to start your internship phase and dedicate daytime hours to your new profession. Let’s explore what that means and some solid savings strategies. For more info about why taking an x-ray tech night class is a great option for current medical assistants, check out this article.

Planning Ahead for Your Clinical Internship at an X-Ray Tech Night Class

To become an x-ray tech in California, you’ll need to complete your clinical internship. During this portion of your x-ray tech training, you’ll have the opportunity to work in an actual clinic. Accredited x-ray tech schools should offer clinical internship as part of their x-ray tech night class. However, be aware that your internship will take place during the day, when most clinics are open. Both working professionals and current medical assistants should have a small savings put away for this crucial period.

This will allow you to maintain your current lifestyle while completing clinical internship. Since internship is necessary and unpaid, you want to ensure you’ve taken the appropriate measures and planned for it. Many x-ray tech students either save or apply for financial aid, which is available to those that qualify. Others may stay with family or cut down on expenses in order to plan ahead. If you’re still living at home, this probably doesn’t apply to you. Regardless of where you stand, simply remember that Clinical Internship is important and vital to your education.

Though anything you have to plan for may sound scary at first, it’s not. You’re going to be spending time in the field with others just like you. People who have spent their time dedicated to their healthcare careers and goals. Furthermore, you’ll make great connections and see what the field is really like, in less than a year from your start date!

Modern Technology School Offers the Best X-Ray Tech Night Classes in Orange County

Modern Technology School has been training x-ray technicians since 1981. We’ve trained and worked with some of the best x-ray techs in the industry and we’re proud of it. Our ACCSC accredited x-ray technician school is located in Orange County and we serve students from all of Southern California. Many students in our x-ray tech night class commute from as far out as San Diego or the San Fernando Valley. It’s not because there aren’t any other x-ray tech schools near them. It’s because we offer an all-inclusive x-ray tech program which is second-to-none in the Healthcare industry.

Here are some of the reasons students choose Modern Technology School for X-Ray Technician Training:

  • Our X-Ray Tech School is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges – ACCSC. The ACCSC is recognized by the US Department of Education.
  • We offer all-inclusive x-ray technician classes and an x-ray tech night class in Orange County
  • Our class sizes are kept small in order to facilitate faster learning
  • We offer hands-on training from a dedicated faculty who have stood in your shoes before
  • Options: Daytime X-Ray Classes, X-Ray Tech Night School, and X-Ray Only Classes for Medical Assistants
  • Our X-Ray Technician Program includes cost of textbooks, scrubs, and your first CA State X-Ray Exam
  • Clinical internship and job placement assistance provided!
  • Our Orange County X-Ray Tech School campus is safe, and offers plenty of free parking
  • Complete your x-ray technician training in less than 12 months

A Simple Admissions Process & Dedicated Faculty to Serve You Every Step of the Way

So how do you enroll in X-Ray Tech Night School? We’ve worked and streamlined our admissions process to be relatively simple. The first step is to contact admissions, either by phone at (714) 418-9100 or to fill out our green contact form on this page. Next, our friendly Admissions Advisor will call you in order to answer your questions about our x-ray tech night class and x-ray technician program. He’ll work with you to understand what your needs are, and ensure that you’re on the right track. If you’re a current medical assistant who wants to move into x-ray, simply let him know.

We’ll also walk you through financial aid, or using the GI Bill to attend x-ray technician school. We’ll get you onboard with the simple process and help you fill out your FAFSA application for student aid in order to see if you qualify. Furthermore, we’ll give you a free tour of our Orange County X-Ray Technician School and meet with you face-to-face. Getting your questions answered prior to enrolling in an x-ray tech night class is vital. We want to ensure you’re comfortable with the entire experience and as such, we don’t approach enrollment by being pushy. If there’s a great fit on both ends, that’s wonderful — if not, there’s never any hard feelings. We want what’s best for our students, but also the best for our program, and understand everyone’s needs are different.

Next X-Ray Tech Night Class Begins January 22nd in Orange County!

Our next X-Ray Tech Night Class starts January 22nd, 2018! We’ve also got daytime x-ray classes and can work with you on scheduling a time to get your questions answered. No other x-ray tech night school in Orange County offers this much value for your education. Be sure to ask us about preparing for clinical internship, our history and accreditation, as well as what you can expect to learn in each module of the x-ray tech program. Also be sure to learn more about why cross-training as a medical assistant is important to your x-ray tech career in California.

Lastly, remember that while our x-ray technician classes start every other month in Orange County, they fill up fast! We keep class sizes small so that our instructors can work closely with students and help expedite your education! Give us a call to learn more and get your questions answered — we’ll be with you every step of the way!

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