How to Choose the Top Orange County X-ray Technician Program for Your Needs

Finding the best Orange County X-ray Technician Program may seem easy at first glance. However, there are a lot of things to consider when finding the right program for your needs. The best way to learn something new is through someone who has stood in your shoes before. Taking into account their experience, successes and failures is always important. Not only do you want to try and mirror their best, but also avoid their pitfalls and mistakes.

We’ve been fortunate enough to have trained X-ray Technicians in California since 1981. That said, we wanted to create an article that talks about the do’s & don’ts of finding the best X-ray Tech School. We also wanted to look at several key factors that could both boost & inhibit your career as an X-ray Technician in California. Lastly, we’ll walk through some of the factors which many X-ray schools don’t discuss or advertise.

We live in an era with plenty of choices, and these choices will affect our futures. As always, we know that every X-ray Technician program is the perfect-fit for everyone. That said, we’ll keep it 100% transparent and let the student decide what’s best for them, based on their own specific needs. Now let’s begin!

Find an All-Inclusive Orange County X-ray Technician Program

We get the question all the time whenever we mention an all-inclusive X-ray Tech Class.

What is an all-inclusive Orange County X-ray Technician Program?

Many states do things different with regards to X-ray Technician education. Here in California however, Healthcare employers are looking for an X-ray Tech / Medical Assistant hybrid. What that means is that you’ll need to find an X-ray Tech program that offers you both the radiology training, and the medical assisting. Furthermore, you want to ensure that medical assistant cross-training is also part of your tuition — that you’re not paying “extra” for it.

A lot of people ask why employers ask for the additional medical assistant training, and why it’s part of our Orange County X-ray Technician program.

Why Medical Assistant Cross-Training is Important in an Orange County X-ray Technician Program:

  • It makes you more attractive to employers who are already seeking the XT/MA Hybrid
  • You’ve got more tools in your toolshed, so to speak; more ways to apply your trade
  • When you’re onsite working in a clinic, hospital, urgent care or private practice, you’re going to want to stay on the clock, applying your Medical Assisting skills. This means you’ll have more to do beyond just the X-rays your main job demands and with that of course comes more hours

We recently wrote this article explaining why all X-ray Technician schools in California should cross-train their XT’s as Medical Assistants. Have a look and let us know if you have any questions! Remember that when it comes to finding the right X-ray Tech school — you want to find one that will train you to give employers exactly what they’re looking for.

What Other Benefits Should Orange County X-ray Technician Program Offer?

  • An X-ray Technician School that teaches their students hands-on, versus strictly out of the textbook or through Online X-ray Tech Classes
  • Look for an X-ray Tech program that keeps it’s class sizes small. Not only will you get more hands-on time and be able to focus better, but you won’t have to compete with other students for the instructor’s attention either
  • Look beyond the basics: your commute, the cost of tuition, the aesthetics of the school — these should all be secondary to the actual training & additional benefits you’ll receive. Sure, they’re important factors. However, keep in mind that most programs last less than 2 years
  • Overall length of the Orange County X-ray Technician Program: how long does it take to get your X-ray Tech Permit / Certificate?
  • Make sure your X-ray Tech School is accredited. We’ve covered this, and why it’s important many times in several articles
  • Do they offer Clinical Internship as part of their X-ray Technician Program? Or will you have to find your own qualified internship?
  • Does the school offer in-house Job Placement Assistance?
  • Will you need Financial Aid for X-ray Technician School?
  • Are you a US Veteran who wants to use your GI Bill to attend an Orange County X-ray Technician Program?
  • What kind of vibe do you get from the Admissions Advisor? Do they genuinely want to help you, or just get you enrolled?
  • Are books & scrubs included in the cost of your tuition for X-ray Technician School or are they additional? What about parking?

Modern Technology School Offers the Best Orange County X-ray Technician Program

If all of the points covered in this article have made sense to you, we may be on the right track. Modern Technology School has been training X-ray Technicians in California since 1981. Our Orange County X-ray Technician Program is very popular because of all the reasons listed above. We teach in small class environments and offer hands-on learning at our ACCSC accredited Healthcare School. We have built-in Clinical Internship, and cross-train all of our X-ray Technicians as Medical Assistants. Books & scrubs are included, and parking is always free.

Beyond that, our top-notch faculty is compassionate and have stood in your shoes before. We offer in-house Job Placement Assistance and Financial Aid to those who qualify. We accept the GI Bill if you’re one of our beloved US Veterans who want to pursue Diagnostic Healthcare training. Our Orange County X-ray Technician Program is only 12 months long, and includes all the pre-requisites you need. If you’re a current Medical Assistant who wants to pursue a career as an X-ray Tech, give us a call — we can work with most transfers. Furthermore, we offer evening X-ray Technician classes throughout the year in Orange County. Finally, if you have any questions, our friendly Admissions Advisor is here to help. We’re not here to push you into enrolling, but rather help you make an educated decision based on your needs.

Orange County X-ray Technician Program Class Start Dates

Our Orange County X-ray Technician Program has classes that start every other month in Fountain Valley. Because we keep our class sizes small, and all of the value we include, they do fill-up fast.  Give us a call and be sure to visit us on social media and check our student feedback on Yelp & Facebook. We’re one of the few X-ray Technician schools that have seen many changes in the industry. We have also had the opportunity to serve a large amount of students over the last 37 years.

Remember to check out some of the linked content within this article. We offer free tours of our Orange County X-ray Tech School campus 5-days a week. We can also walk you through your list of needs and see if there’s a good fit on both ends. Modern Technology School looks forward to making a positive change in your career and future!

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