How to Find the Best X-ray Tech Schools for Your Needs

Every students needs are different. Moreover, everyone has different expectations based on those needs. If you’re looking for the best X-ray Tech schools in Orange County, you’re probably wondering where to begin your search. For many, it starts with their own goals and needs. Because every X-ray Technician school will offer different benefits, it’s important to understand what you require first. But what if you’re not even sure where to start?

You should begin your journey by creating a list of what you need in order to enroll. Below are some things to take into consideration when searching for the best X-ray Tech classes in your area.

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best X-ray Tech Schools for You

  • How long will you spend in the X-ray Tech program?
  • Is the XT program all-inclusive, meaning does it offer everything you need to start your career?
  • If not, what is included? And will do you need to pay extra for, outside of your tuition?
  • Does the X-ray school offer medical assistant cross-training? Click here for why that’s important in CA
  • Will the X-ray Technician program tuition include your Clinical Internship?
  • Will you need to enroll in X-ray Tech night school?
  • Are you going to have to pay extra for your textbooks, scrubs, supplies and parking on campus?
  • The best X-ray Tech schools offer some sort of Financial Aid — will you need monetary assistance?
  • What about job placement assistance? Is it available through the X-ray Technician school?
  • Are you willing to travel outside of your area for better X-ray training?
  • What other costs (if any) are involved? Will the school cover the cost of your State/National Exams?

Finding the Best X-ray Tech Schools: Remember Your Needs are #1

These are just a few things that may affect your decision on which X-ray Technician program to enroll in. Furthermore, they should help break down your needs while sifting through the best X-ray Tech schools in your area. Because every student’s needs are different, everyone should form their own opinion about the best X-ray Tech schools.

While we can’t tell you that we’re the best for everyone,  we can effectively break down why we cover the most ground and offer the most value for your X-ray Tech school tuition. Let’s get into that below!

Why is Modern Technology School One of the Best X-ray Tech Schools in Orange County and SoCal?

As mentioned above, every student should form their own opinion about which X-ray Tech program is the best for their needs. However, we also wanted to outline what we offer in our 12-month X-ray Technician / Medical Assistant program here in Orange County, California. This way, you have an idea of what’s out there, what’s being offered, and at what price-point. We’ve learned that this is a great way to make comparisons between different programs.

Modern Technology School’s X-ray Tech Program Highlights

  • Our X-ray Tech program is 12-months, and is all-inclusive, meaning you don’t need any pre-reqs to start training
  • We combine X-ray Technician with Medical Assistant training at no additional cost. Remember, the medical assisting portion is vital in California, where Healthcare employers want a hybrid of XT & MA.
  • Clinical Internship is included – you don’t need to go out searching for your own after you complete the course
  • Books, scrubs, the cost of your first exams (for XT & MA) are all paid for with your tuition
  • We offer financial aid to those who qualify; we can help you find out if you do!
  • Our Healthcare school is accredited by the ACCSC, and undergoes routine evaluations since 1981!
  • Our students train hands-on, and in small class sizes where they can ask questions and have fast-access to instructors
  • Because we want to help support you even after you graduate, we offer job placement assistance as part of the package
  • Moreover, our faculty has stood in your shoes before; we work with students one-on-one and understand your needs
  • We don’t herd students in like cattle. Instead, we keep class sizes small, so we can work more in-depth with each student who’s enrolled

What’s the Process After Creating a List of the Best X-ray Tech Schools?

While your first step should always be creating that needs-list, your second should be researching the best X-ray Tech schools in your area. Furthermore, keep in mind that this is going to take some research. You’re going to have to jump online and check out reviews, follow the school on social media, ask questions, etc. Some people reach out to former students on Facebook or LinkedIn or Yelp as well.

To say nothing of searching an X-ray Tech school’s website and digging into their curriculum would be a serious misstep. Once you’ve created your list of the best X-ray Tech schools, reach out to Admissions. Because most Admissions reps sole duties are to get you to enroll in a class, tread carefully. Feel free to ask questions. Talk to them about your goals. Moreover, see if they’re listening to you, or if you are just being pressured into enrolling into an X-ray Class.

Finally, ask to take a free tour of the X-ray Tech school. See if you’re able to get a gauge for the X-ray Tech school’s culture and ethics on your visit. Because you may feel pressured to sign-up on the spot, it’s important to have your needs-list with you! Make sure each box on your list is checked off. Or, make sure that you can live with the ones that aren’t.

A Final Note on Comparing the Best X-ray Tech Schools on Your List

There’s often a lot of marketing to dig through when comparing the best X-ray Tech schools. Because we want you to have an accurate list of what the X-ray Tech programs you’re comparing offer, it’s vital to be sure you’re comparing apples to apples. For instance, two schools may both offer Clinical Internship as part of their X-ray Technician program.

However, one may offer significantly less hours. Perhaps the other school also offers an internship, but it’s further away from your home. See how this can be tricky, and why you’ve gotta ask questions? So move forward, but make sure your bases are covered, and that your needs are met!

We feel that when you’re dealing with one of the best X-ray Tech schools in your area, you’ll know it! They’ll go above and beyond to ensure that you’re comfortable before proceeding, and their X-ray program should speak for itself.

Modern Technology School Offers One of the Best X-ray Tech Schools in Orange County, Since 1981

We’ve been training X-ray Technicians in Orange County since 1981. We’re one of Orange County’s best X-ray Tech schools with good reason. Our 12-month X-ray course includes medical assistant cross-training, which is where you start out. Some schools make you pay for both courses; we don’t!

You’ll train hands-on, and in small classes and X-ray Tech labs. Working one-on-one with your instructor and asking questions is a big deal to us. We’re not big fans of the large lecture hall and instead, opt for hands-on training. We will place you in Clinical Internship after your training is complete. When it comes time for your exams, we cover the cost for both your XT & MA tests.

Have questions about Financial Aid and how to know if you qualify? Give us call — we’re happy to help! Our school is also an approved training site by the Office of Veteran’s Affairs (VA), so call us if you’re one of our beloved veterans! Remember that we also offer evening X-ray Technician classes for those with tight daytime schedules.

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