Why an All-Inclusive X-ray Technician Program is the Best Way to Train to Become an X-ray Tech in CA

If you want to become an X-ray Tech in California, the best place to start is by finding an all-inclusive X-ray Technician program. Many students we meet with don’t know where to begin their search for the best X-ray Technician schools in Orange County. Others, have no trouble locating the healthcare schools, but don’t know what to look for in their curriculum(s). When enrolling in any X-ray Tech program, we suggest making a checklist of your needs.

That said, it’s important to know the basics first. That way, you’re able to take a solid inventory on what each X-ray Technician school offers. Furthermore, you’ll able to find an all-inclusive X-ray Technician program that fits your specific needs. Let’s explore what different X-ray schools in California offer, and take a look at the foundations of solid X-ray Tech training in California.

An All-Inclusive X-ray Technician Program Should Offer Medical Assistant Cross-Training

We’ve talked about this before, but in California, Healthcare employers are looking for an X-ray Tech – Medical Assistant hybrid. Imagine going to work and simply taking a few x-rays of patients then sitting around before being sent home. As you can imagine, this isn’t optimal for neither the X-ray Tech nor the clinic. Clinics in California are looking for an X-ray Technician that doubles as a Medical Assistant.

By working as a hybrid of XT/MA, you’re not only able to stay on the clock for a longer period, but you also get a better understanding of professional patient care. Moreover, you’re able to cover more ground and get a better foundation for your entire Healthcare career.

Taking all of this into consideration, it’s important to find an all-inclusive X-ray Technician program which offers cross-training. By learning the fundamentals of patient care as a medical assistant, you’re also becoming a better x-ray tech. Furthermore, you’re building up your foundation in Healthcare and making yourself more attractive to prospective employers. Read more about why more X-ray Technician Schools should cross-train their students as medical assistants.

An All-Inclusive X-ray Technician Program Should Include Built-In Clinical Internship

Clinical Internship is the phase of your X-ray Tech training in which you intern within a live clinic with actual patients. It usually will take place during the final portion of your curriculum and is the final step before taking your California X-ray Technician examinations. Not only does internship put all your skills to the test, but it also gives you insight to a day in the life of an X-ray Technician in California.

While many X-ray Technician schools may not tell you, your clinical internship is vital to your career. How else would you be able to utilize all of your education before stepping out into the field? An all-inclusive x-ray technician program should cover your clinical internship. It should be included in your tuition and curriculum, and you should not have to find one on your own.

When searching for the best X-ray Tech Schools in your area, remember to ask about clinical internship. Remember that while many schools may advertise an all-inclusive X-ray Technician program, what they actually offer under the all-inclusive umbrella may differ. That said, it’s important to ask when meeting with Admissions.

Lastly, remember that clinical internship is also your opportunity to shine. It gives you the chance to make new connections and network in world of Diagnostic Healthcare. You’ll meet more experienced x-ray technicians and work alongside a clinical team and physician. Most importantly, you’re given the opportunity to help actual patients and see what the job entails!

Your All-Inclusive X-ray Technician Program Should Include Hands-On Training and Digital X-ray Education

Hands-on training is a huge part of learning any new skill. That goes double if you’re trying to break into Diagnostic Healthcare as an X-ray Technician. That said, make sure your all-inclusive X-ray Technician program offers hands-on radiography education. Moreover, ask them what their class structure is like. Find out if they teach in large or small class sizes. Get a good feel for whether you’ll have to fight for time on the machines. Will you be packed into the class like sardines with little face-time with the instructor?

An all-inclusive X-ray Technician program should offer their students the best opportunity to learn and absorb the curriculum. By putting a strong focus on small-class sizes and hands-on education, you’re more likely to get the most out of your tuition. Think of overpacked classrooms like you would an overcrowded gym. Not only do you get less time on the machines, but you have to work extra hard for what you should’ve received as part of the deal in the first place.

Lastly, think about the curriculum itself. Accredited X-ray Tech schools will have a State Standardized X-ray Curriculum. It’s important to attend an accredited x-ray technician school for many reasons. One of those is learning all of the modern methods of radiology, radiography, safety, and working hands-on with patients and doctors. While it’s important to learn earlier film methods, be sure the all-inclusive X-ray Tech program you attend also trains on digital x-ray.

Other Things to Consider when Choosing the Best All-Inclusive X-ray Technician Program in California

We hope you’ve been working on a checklist! If you made it this far, then you’re that much closer to finding an all-inclusive X-ray Technician program in California which suits your needs. Again, remember that each program will differ, it’s up to you to find one that offers the most value for your tuition.

Let’s explore a few final things to consider when finding the right X-ray school in your area:

  • Find out if the X-ray Tech school offers Financial Aid to those who qualify
  • Ask how long their X-ray Technician program takes to complete
  • Will you need pre-requisite classes or are they included in the standard curriculum?
  • Is Job Placement Assistance part of the all-inclusive X-ray Technician program?
  • Will the X-ray Technician school cover the cost of your first CA State XT/MA Exams?
  • Are the costs of textbooks & scrubs included in your school tuition?
  • Will you learn hands-on alongside a compassionate and well-educated faculty?
  • Does the X-ray Tech school offer evening classes to meet your busy lifestyle?
  • If you’re a current medical assistant, is their an option to just take the X-ray portion of the training?
  • Are there any EDD programs available to assist with tuition costs?

Modern Technology School in Orange County Offers the Best All-Inclusive X-ray Technician Program in California

If everything we’ve covered up until this point makes sense to you, then why not train with the best? Modern Technology School has been training X-ray Technicians in California since 1981. Our accredited Orange County Diagnostic Healthcare School offers an all-inclusive X-ray Technician program. We also offer small classroom sizes, an experienced faculty, and so much more. Financial aid is available to those who qualify, and we accept the GI Bill from US Veterans. Ask us about EDD programs which can help you with the cost of tuition if you’re currently unemployed.

Job Placement Assistance is built-into the program, as is clinical internship. The cost of your scrubs, textbooks, parking, and your first CA State Exams are also included. We teach hands-on and students love that they can ask questions while working with our experienced faculty. We work hard to ensure our all-inclusive X-ray Technician program meets your needs. That’s why we offer both night classes as well as an X-ray Only option for current medical assistants.

Give us a call and ask for Admissions. Our friendly advisor will walk you through our all-inclusive Orange County X-ray Technician program. Moreover, we’ll answer your questions and take time to learn about your goals. That said, we’re here to help make the next 12 months of your life valuable to your career in radiology & Healthcare. We look forward to helping you find the best X-ray Technician School for your needs today!

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