A Guide to Attending an X-Ray Tech School in Orange County

If you live in Orange County, California and have been thinking about a career as an x-ray technician, you’re not alone. We’ve seen the x-ray tech career popularity grow over the last several years. Much of this can be attributed to the number of urgent care centers and small clinics that were built in SoCal over the last decade. This has been a welcome addition, because it’s at these clinics where a majority of limited-scope x-ray techs find work after x-ray school. Furthermore, we have seen the industry and the position itself really evolve over the last decades, especially here in California. Let’s take a look at the options you have when considering an x-ray tech school in Orange County. Moreover, let’s look at the details of each x-ray program and how to find the right one for your needs.

Navigating the X-Ray Tech School’s Benefits and X-Ray Technician Program

Admissions Advisor Dirk Been Answers Questions & Helps You Carve a Road Map to Your Success!

Dirk Been, Admissions Advisor

First off, remember to approach finding an x-ray tech school in Orange County like you would any life changing decision. That means paying attention to cost and benefit, but beyond tuition fees, you should be looking more at the details. The details will certainly matter when choosing the best x-ray tech school for your needs. There’s often a lot of mystery on x-ray school’s websites. It may not be clear as to what to expect from their x-ray program or Admissions. Try to find a school that is transparent, honest and wants to help answer your questions. Needless to say, if you’re starting to feel like just another warm body when speaking to Admissions, you might keep your options open.

From the basics, like finding out if the school is accredited, to learning about financial aid, it’s important to get to know each x-ray technician school’s benefits and program. Furthermore, you’ll want to do your research before meeting with the school. Most students know which x-ray tech schools want to help and which ones are in it for the numbers. You can definitely get a quick vibe from the school’s social media accounts as well as their reviews on sites like Yelp or Facebook. That said, let’s dive into some ways to know you’re going with a quality x-ray tech school in Orange County.

How to Know You’re Dealing with a Quality X-Ray Tech School in Orange County:

  • Ensure the school is an ACCSC accredited x-ray tech school in Orange County
  • You feel comfortable during the x-ray technician program admissions interview
  • You’re expressing your goals and the Admissions Rep is listening to them
  • The Admissions Rep takes time to answer your questions directly & honestly
  • The school has a clear path outlined for your success as an x-ray technician
  • X-ray tech program modules & requirements can be found on the school’s website or school catalog
  • The school offers you several options to find the right x-ray program for your needs
  • They offer day and evening x-ray technician classes
  • There’s an x-ray tech option for current medical assistants in California
  • Ask if the x-ray tech program is all-inclusive and what that entails
  • Find out how much education you need before enrolling (high school diploma/GED/AA, etc)
  • Is the x-ray technician school licensed by the BPPE?
  • Do they offer clinical internship as part of their x-ray tech program?
  • Is medical assisting cross-training provided as part of the x-ray tech program?
  • Does the x-ray tech school in Orange County provide financial aid to those that qualify?
  • Will they accept the GI Bill for Veterans and are they Vet Friendly?
  • Find out about the cost of books & scrubs + parking
  • Do they have an in-house Job Placement and Career Department?
  • Lastly, have a look at the x-ray tech school’s faculty – do they genuinely want to help students?

Program & Campus Directors at the X-Ray Tech School in Orange County

While the students are the life-blood, Program Directors and Campus Directors are the backbone of the program and school, respectively. It makes sense to take some time to learn about them and everything they’ve put into building the school & respective program. Furthermore, you can be sure that they’ve seen their share of students and can help you with any challenges. Whether there’s something you’re not sure about or academic issues, a good x-ray tech school in Orange County will have an open-door policy for their students.

While this may not seem important today, it will in the future. When choosing an x-ray tech school in Orange County, you should weigh all your options and consider the what-if’s. It’s great knowing that the school will be there for your when and if you need them. Another great benefit to speaking with the Program and Campus Directors is to build a relationship. Remember, these are people that have worked in their respective field and have stood in your shoes. They’re also in-tune with what’s going on within the Healthcare industry and can help you navigate your x-ray course. While your instructor is always your first lifeline, it also makes sense to build and nurture these relationships throughout your education.

Why Options are Important at an X-Ray Tech School in Orange County

Anyone whose ever told you that they hate too many options may have been lying to you. When it comes to your x-ray technician education, we feel that the more options you have, the better your chances of success. Moreover, an x-ray tech school in Orange County that offers options is probably going to have one that suits your needs, versus one that doesn’t. That said, research the various options x-ray schools in your area offer to students. Create a list of what’s important to you using the bullet-points we’ve outlined above and bring them to your meeting.

Perhaps you want to go on to become a Radiologic Technologist or Rad-Tech in California. Maybe you want to start at the x-ray technician level in order to satisfy your income needs, but would ultimately like to continue your x-ray & radiology training. Maybe you’re concerned about an x-ray technician salary and would like to discuss how soon you can start working. One x-ray technician school offers a 1.5 year program while the other offers an 11 month x-ray tech course, which one is right for you? Some students are already a working medical assistants who dream of better earning potential as an x-ray technician. What if you have family or current work obligations that require you to train as an x-ray tech at night school? Lastly, maybe you need financial aid in order to help pay for x-ray tech school and want to know if you qualify…

These are all valid points. Whether you’re concerned about time, tuition cost, current occupation, or your future career goals, it’s a big deal. That said, you’ll want to find an x-ray tech school in Orange County that fits your needs. Can you settle for less? Sure you can — but why would you?

Modern Technology School is the Best X-Ray Tech School in Orange County

Adam Cooper, XT in our X-Ray Technician Night Class

Adam Cooper, XT, X-Ray Technician Instructor & Radiation Safety Officer at Modern Technology School

Modern Technology School has offered an x-ray technician program since 1981. That’s over 37 years of radiology and x-ray training in Orange County. We’re a respected x-ray technician school who offers an all-inclusive x-ray program you can complete in just 11 months. We keep class sizes small and teach our x-ray tech students hands-on in real life labs. We offer an unmatched clinical internship as part of the x-ray technician program. Did you know you can start your x-ray tech career in California with just your high school diploma and transcripts?

Our Admissions Advisor takes his time to learn about you and your goals. We’ll answer your questions and ensure you don’t feel rushed through the process. Furthermore, our admissions process is simple and designed to get you on the fast track to becoming an x-ray tech in California as quickly as possible. That said, we enjoy building relationships with our x-ray students. We’ve seen many Orange County x-ray tech schools come and go over the years. We’re dedicated to the student experience and want to help further our students’ lives and x-ray tech careers.

We offer in-house job placement assistance and help students with everything from resumes and cover letters, to preparing for interviews and group panels. From time to time, we also include healthcare network and employer meet-and-greets to help our students make connections on a professional level. Parking is plentiful and free, and books & scrubs are included! Want a safe and friendly learning environment? How about financial aid to those that qualify? If you’re a Veteran who wants to use the GI Bill for X-Ray Tech School, we’ve got you covered!

Call Us & Ask Admissions About Our Orange County X-Ray Tech Program

Our x-ray technician classes start every other month on average. Because of their popularity and the fact we keep class sizes small, they do fill up fast. Take some time to think about some of the points we’ve discussed in this article. Review the bullet-points and create a checklist of what matters to you most when finding an x-ray tech school in your area. Students commute to Modern Technology School from all over Southern California in order to achieve their dreams. We love making genuine connections with our students and learning about their goals.

Call us today and ask for Admissions. Our friendly Admissions Rep will guide you through our simple process and set a time where you can meet to discuss your goals. We can talk basics about the x-ray program and walk through the details with no pressure or hassle. Furthermore, we’ll work with you on your needs and help you find the clearest path to your success. We know everyone promises students the moon, but rarely deliver. Instead, we’d like to assess your needs and see if there’s a great fit on both ends. If there is, we’d be glad to have you and know you’ll get a lot from our x-ray tech program.

Remember to inquire about the medical assistant cross-training as well as our evening x-ray technician classes. If you’ve already got your medical assisting certification and want advice on how to become an x-ray tech in California, we can help you as well. As students, know that we’re grateful for your time. We’ll be transparent with you during our conversations, but also here to help you. If you’ve got specific challenges or needs, let us know so we can get you the assistance you deserve!

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