What Will I Learn in X-ray Technician School in California?

We wanted to put together a guide to what students actually learn in X-ray Technician School here in California. Think of it as a short guide to your journey towards becoming an X-ray Tech. Many of our articles focus on choosing the right X-ray Tech program. However, we also wanted to highlight some of the amazing things you’ll learn in X-ray Technician School. Furthermore, we felt it would be helpful to provide reasons as to why each portion of the X-ray training is important.

Because X-ray Tech schools all differ, we’ll explore the highlights of the best X-ray Technician programs in California. Moreover, we’ll get an understanding of what to look out for when choosing the best X-ray Technician school for your needs. Let’s get started…

What You’ll Learn in X-ray Technician School: Healthcare Basics & Radiology Foundation

In a good X-ray Tech program, you’ll learn all of the basics and fundamentals. But at the best X-ray Tech schools, you’ll go beyond the training you need in order to purse a career in radiology as an X-ray Technician or Limited Scope X-ray Tech. For instance, if the X-ray Technician program is all-inclusive, you’ll find that pre-requisite classes are built-into the program.

Furthermore, your books and scrubs as well as other costs like exam fees and parking should be included. Note that we say should, as this varies from X-ray program to program.

As for the basics of what you learn in X-ray Technician School, you’ll train to:

  • Prepare patients for procedures and take record their medical histories
  • Position patients and X-ray equipment in order to get a proper image for the physician
  • Learn how to protect patients by shielding their exposed areas from radiation
  • Operate Digital X-ray machines in order to take clear & helpful images
  • Keep & protect your patients detailed records
  • Work alongside physicians & a clinical team in order to determine what images are necessary

Learn Professional Patient Care in X-ray Technician School

Professional patient care is a large part of what you’ll learn in X-ray Technician School. The skills you acquire will help you work directly with patients — both as an X-ray Tech and as a Medical Assistant. Most all-inclusive X-ray Tech schools will cross-train their X-ray Technician students as Medical Assisting Professionals.

This is especially prevalent here in California, where Healthcare employers demand a XT/MA hybrid that can do both jobs. For more information on the importance of receiving medical assistant training alongside your X-ray Tech education, read this article.

Overall, learning how to work with patients in a clinical or hospital environment is a big responsibility. There are plenty of ethics and laws involved in professional-patient interaction, so it’s important to get a great foundation in patient care while in X-ray Tech School.

The Importance of Hands-on Training in X-ray Tech School

Many prospective X-ray Tech students don’t ask about the type of training they’ll receive while actually in their classroom environment. For instance, would you rather be in a class where there’s a ton of students, no room to maneuver and have to fight for the opportunity to ask questions, or in a small-class setting — where everyone has a chance to ask questions, operate the equipment and receive quality training/mentoring from their instructor?

This is why choosing a hands-on X-ray Technician class is important. Furthermore, it allows you to ask questions, absorb the material, and work closely with your instructor. This is a big component in how students learn in X-ray Technician School — you need hands-on training.

If you’re wondering about online X-ray Tech training, you can read the pros and cons in this article.

What You’ll Learn in X-ray Technician School: Clinical Internship

Last on the list is your X-ray Tech clinical internship, and we’ve covered why Clinical Internship is so important in various articles. Clinical Internship usually takes place during the final portion of your training and is a critical component of what you’ll learn in X-ray Technician School.

Clinical Internship gives you the opportunity to practice your craft out in the field, alongside other Healthcare professional, physicians, and real patients. Furthermore, you will probably begin your internship mirroring other experienced X-ray Technicians who came through the ranks, just as you have.

When scouting for the right radiology training to fit your needs, make sure to ask if the school offers built-in Clinical Internship. It’s not only important, but vital to your success. It will not only make you a more well-rounded X-ray Technician, but it will give you a taste of what life is like for a real XT in the field.

Modern Technology School Combines the Best of What You Need to Learn in X-ray Technician School and More!

Modern Technology School in Orange County has been training X-ray Technicians since 1981. Over the last 4 decades, we’ve had the opportunity to train thousands of students to become an X-ray Tech in California. We cross-train our X-ray Technician students in Medical Assisting, and we offer an all-inclusive X-ray program with built-in prerequisites.

This means you can generally start your X-ray Technician training with as little as just a high school diploma. Our Orange County X-ray Technician Class lasts 12 months and we include Clinical Internship as part of your curriculum.

As added value & benefits, we offer in-house Job Placement Assistance, Financial Aid to those who qualify, and we accept the GI Bill from US Veterans. Furthermore, books and scrubs are included as part of your tuition. We also cover the cost of your first CA State X-ray Tech and Medical Assistant exams! As an added bonus, we’ve got plenty of free parking for students!

Lastly, we keep class sizes small. Every student should have the opportunity to learn in X-ray Technician School. Our faculty teaches with compassion and bring decades of radiology experience to the classroom.

You’ve probably noticed the upswing in urgent care clinics across California. There is a real need for professional X-ray Technicians here and we’re proud to offer our students the valuable education they need in order to compete in the Healthcare workforce.

Our X-ray Technician Classes are Popular and Fill-Up Fast!

Due to our small class sizes and hands-on training, our X-ray Tech classes fill up quickly. If you’re interested in pursuing a career as an X-ray Technician in California, give us a call. We’d love to get your questions answered and help ensure you’re making and educated decision about your future.

Our friendly & helpful Admissions Advisor is here Monday thru Friday to answer your questions or meet with you. We take pride in ensuring that our students choose our program based on the benefits & value. We want there to be a great fit on both ends.

Modern Technology School offers day & evening X-ray Tech classes. There are also classes for current medical assistants who want to pursue a career as an X-ray Tech. Give us a call and get your career on track in 2018 — we’ll be here to work with your goals!

Finally, check out the short video below to get an idea of our hands-on training. It covers X-ray wrist-positioning and illustrates a very small portion of what you’ll learn in X-ray Technician School.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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