Orange County X-ray Tech Night Class: Take Evening Classes at Modern Technology School

Do you want to become an X-ray Technician in California? Whether you’ve been dreaming of a career in radiology or radiography for a long time, or you’re simply looking for a change of career, we’ve got you covered. If you live a busy lifestyle and have daytime obligations, you can still pursue your dreams of working in Diagnostic Healthcare. Moreover, if you live in SoCal, there are a lot of options for night school. One of those is the Orange County X-ray Tech night class at Modern Technology School.

We’ve been training X-ray Techs and Healthcare professionals since 1981, right here in OC. Furthermore, as an ACCSC accredited school, we offer an all-inclusive curriculum. With us, there are no surprises — you pay one tuition, and get everything you need in order to begin your career as an X-ray Tech in CA. Many X-ray schools boast an all-inclusive program, but fall short in the details. So what can a student expect from the best X-ray Technician programs? Furthermore, what can we expect from an Orange County X-ray Tech night class?

Will an Orange County X-ray Tech Night Class Offer the Same Experience as the Daytime X-ray School?

In short, yes, an evening x-ray tech class should offer the same benefits to students as their daytime counterparts. Furthermore, they should provide students with everything they need in order to start their career as an X-ray Technician. Unfortunately a lot of X-ray Tech night classes aren’t the same, and fall short in terms of hands-on training, as well as small details.

Because many students wait until they’re already enrolled to ask questions, we want to remind you to ask a lot! Moreover, you shouldn’t wait or feel bashful about discussing your goals as well as your schedule with your Admissions Advisor. Remember, X-ray Tech night school was created for a reason. Therefore, you want to ensure everything works within your schedule and alongside your daytime obligations.

Orange County X-ray Tech Night Class: What to Know Before Enrolling

The one thing you should know prior to enrolling in an Orange County X-ray Tech night class has to do with clinical internship. It will most likely take place during the day, when most clinics are operating. This creates a strain for some students, so we want you to be aware. However, if you plan accordingly, clinical internship shouldn’t create any adversity on your lifestyle.

Many students plan for it ahead of time, ensuring to save money from their day job in order to prepare. They’ll take that short time spent in their internship off of work in order to complete their program and then begin looking for work as an X-ray Tech. The current job climate is good for an X-ray Technician in California. While we can’t make claims or guarantees due to restrictions & laws, we can say that it’s a great time to be an X-ray Tech, especially in SoCal.

Taking an Orange County X-ray Tech night class can be a great opportunity to continue working while training as an XT. However, remember to plan accordingly in order to maintain your lifestyle and obligations. Furthermore, ask a lot of questions. Remember that it’s your future and you shouldn’t take it lightly. When in doubt, always ask. Moreover, if you have questions about how to prep for internship, ask Admissions for pointers!

What’s Included in Modern Technology School’s Orange County X-ray Tech Night Class?

When we say all-inclusive, we mean it! Our Orange County X-ray Tech night class offers students the same benefits as the day classes. However, remember that night classes are shorter duration than day classes. For instance, as a daytime X-ray Tech student, you spend all day in class and labs. Because we don’t want to keep you into the early morning hours, you spend a little more time in training, overall. The good news is, it’s just a few extra months, and not years!

Explore all the benefits of our Orange County X-ray Tech night class below!

  • Hands-on training in small class sizes — learn from compassionate instructors who have stood in your shoes before
  • You can ask a lot of questions & get answers demonstrated and work alongside other driven future X-ray Techs
  • We include your Textbooks, scrubs, and your supplies; furthermore, on-campus parking is always free!
  • Clinical internship is part of the package — you don’t have to find your own (which is not fun)
  • You also get medical assisting training — here’s why Medical Assistant cross-training is vital for X-ray Techs in CA
  • We cover the cost of your first Exams — both for medical assisting national certification and X-ray Technician
  • Financial aid is available to those who qualify!
  • We offer Job Placement Assistance to all of our grads. You also get help with resumes, cover letters, interviews & more!

Why Choose Modern Technology School for Your Orange County X-ray Tech Night Class

We’ve been here since 1981 and have always had a students-first culture at our small Diagnostic Healthcare school. Our Admissions Advisor is friendly and eager to help. Because we’re a smaller Healthcare school, we don’t need to herd students in like cattle. Moreover, we don’t pressure students into enrolling; our programs speak for themselves. Our Orange County X-ray Tech night class is priced right, and always fills up quickly on its own merit.

If you want a change of career or would like to pursue a career as an Limited Scope X-ray Technician in California, give us a call! Click the following link to learn more about our Orange County X-ray Technician / Medical Assistant program. Give us a call at 714-418-9100 and get all your questions answered today. We have an Orange County X-ray Tech class starting soon and look forward to being a part of your journey!

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