X-ray Technician Class for Medical Assistants Who Want to Transition their Career

If you’re one of the many medical assistants in California who want to transition their career into X-ray, you’re in the right place! Modern Technology School offers an X-ray Technician Class for Medical Assistants in Orange County! This is an amazing opportunity for a current Medical Assistant to transition their career into radiology and learn how to become an X-ray Tech.

The great news is, that most California Healthcare employers are looking for a hybrid of X-ray Technician and Medical Assistant. What does this mean to you? It means that as a current Medical Assistant, you’re already halfway there! Most of the students we meet with have no prior Healthcare experience. Because you’re already a trained medical assistant, you’ll simply have to complete the x-ray portion of the training!

Let’s learn more about how the world of an X-ray Tech and Medical Assistant mesh together, here in California. Together we’ll explore why taking an X-ray Technician class for Medical Assistants may be right for you…

Take an X-ray Technician Class for Medical Assistants: Why a Hybrid of Both Skill-Sets is Vital in CA

It’s been said that to become a great x-ray technician, you must first become a great medical assistant. While this is definitely the case here in California, it may differ in other parts of the country. However, remember that Healthcare employers here want you to have both skill-sets. That said, it’s important to find a X-ray Technician school which offers both to their students.

At Modern Technology School, we have been cross-training our X-ray Techs as Medical Assistants as long as we’ve had our doors open. When the industry and education requirements called for more training and built-in Clinical Internships, we obliged! We’ve been here since 1981, and take pride in our small class sizes and hands-on medical assisting and x-ray tech training!

What Can I Expect to Learn in an X-ray Technician Class for Medical Assistants in Orange County?

For starters, since you already know what a medical assistant does, let’s cover what an X-ray Technician does in California:

  • Prepare patients for procedures, including taking their full medical history
  • Positioning patients and x-ray lab equipment in order to take the x-ray properly
  • Radiation safety: learn how to protect the patient by shielding exposed areas from radiation
  • Operate and maintain the cleanliness of the digital x-ray equipment and your space
  • Protect and keep detailed patient records for the physician(s) you report to
  • Work closely with the physician and clinical/imaging center staff to determine which x-rays are necessary

While this is just the meat & potatoes version of what you’ll learn, the mods and curriculum go much deeper into each exercise. We’ll teach you why doing things a certain way is important and you’ll learn to become an x-ray technician hands-on. Do you enjoy learning in small classroom environments? Perfect — we keep class sizes so everyone has a chance to learn.

Modern Technology School is dedicated to the science behind x-ray and radiology. If you’re a current medical assistant, you’re already halfway there; taking an x-ray technician class for medical assistants is the gateway to a future career in radiology.

How Many Months is the X-ray Technician Class for Medical Assistants and What’s Included?

As a current medical assistant, who wants to transition into radiology and x-ray, you’d be ahead of the game. That said, the X-ray Only portion of our Orange County X-ray Technician Program is only 8 months long. You spend the first 16 week learning and training to become an x-ray tech in California. The next 16 weeks during the latter portion of the program is where you jump into your included clinical internship.

Clinical internship is the portion where you work hands-on, in a live clinic, applying your trade and skills! You’ll work with real patients, alongside a real clinical team and under a physician’s supervision. Unlike some other X-ray Tech programs in California, we offer built-in clinical internship! Keep in mind that you’ll have to be available during the day while the clinic is open and running in order to complete these hours!

Lastly, remember that we do offer evening X-ray Technician classes for Medical Assistants as well. Remember that because you’re learning at night, the weeks get stretched out a little further. However, as a current medical assistant, you can still complete the x-ray technician night classes (plus internship) in just 12 months!

Call Modern Technology School and Learn About our X-ray Technician Class for Medical Assistants Today!

Our ACCSC Accredited Healthcare school has been training X-ray Techs since 1981. We’ve packed in an amazing amount of value for tuition for x-ray technician school here at Modern Technology School!

Moreover, let’s take a look at some of the key benefits of our x-ray technician classes for medical assistants:

  • Hands-on training in real life x-ray labs, alongside qualified and compassionate instructors and faculty
  • We keep class sizes small so everyone has a chance to ask questions & absorb the material quickly
  • Our standard x-ray technician/medical assistant program is 12mos (with internship)
  • The x-ray technician class for medical assistants is only 8 months (including internship)
  • Our Admissions process is streamlined and easy to follow
  • We offer financial aid to those who qualify and accept the GI Bill from our beloved Veterans
  • Job placement assistance is built into the program – get help with resumes, cover letters, etc
  • Clinical internship is built-in, you don’t have to find your own internship
  • We pay for your medical assisting and x-ray technician CA State Exams
  • Books & Scrubs are included in the cost of tuition; furthermore, parking is free
  • We offer an evening x-ray technician class for medical assistants as well — ask Admissions!

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