X-ray Technician Class in Orange County: Become an X-ray Tech in Just 1 Year!

Are you interested in radiology or becoming an X-ray Technician in California? Did you know that some all-inclusive X-ray Tech programs will help you become an XT with no prior experience? You can enroll in an X-ray Technician Class in Orange County and become an XT in as little as 12 months. Moreover, the best X-ray Tech programs will provide everything necessary under one curriculum.

For instance, the all-inclusive X-ray Technician / Medical Assistant program at Modern Technology School provides medical assisting cross-training and clinical internship. Furthermore, cost of tuition also covers your textbooks, scrubs, and your first State Exams.

But what exactly separates an all-inclusive X-ray Technician class in Orange County from other X-ray programs? And why is it vital to get medical assistant cross-training and clinical internship included? Let’s explore the role of the X-ray Tech in California’s Diagnostic Healthcare system. Then, we’ll take a look at how to gauge your needs and find the best X-ray Tech classes for you.

X-ray Technician Class in Orange County: How is California Different and Who Will Prep You Properly?

California is a little different in that Diagnostic Healthcare employers are looking for a mix of X-ray Tech and Medical Assistant. When hiring, employers often seek a hybrid — someone who can do both jobs equally well. As such, you’re going to want to find an X-ray Technician class in Orange County that will prep you for both roles.

Finding an X-ray Tech school that offers medical assistant cross-training is vital in California. Moreover, out here, you have to be a good Medical Assistant in order to be a great X-ray Technician. Getting that medical assisting skillset and a foundation in professional care are paramount to your success as an XT. Most Healthcare employers in SoCal won’t even consider an X-ray Tech who isn’t also a Certified Medical Assistant.

Finally, remember that having two skills isn’t the worst thing to happen. Rather, it’s a huge plus; not only is it a positive trait that helps you build your resume, but it helps you shine and work better with the patients in your field. That said, it’s vital to find a X-ray Technician class in Orange County which provides medical assistant cross-training as part of its standardized curriculum.

Take an X-ray Technician Class in Orange County at an Accredited School that also Offers Clinical Internship

Clinical internship is vital to any X-ray Tech program. If you’re considering becoming an X-ray Tech find one that offers clinical internship at no additional expense. Moreover, find a X-ray Technician school that can provide you with the most internship hours. Remember, during your internship, you’ll be at a live clinic, working in both an XT and MA facet.

The best X-ray Technician class in Orange County should offer clinical internship as part of its curriculum. You shouldn’t have to pay extra for internship and you shouldn’t have to find one on your own. It can be a downright disaster trying to find a clinic that not only will accept you, but who will also ensure you’re within the State and Licensing Bodies regulations and minimums for both images and hours.

So when searching for the best X-ray Technician class in Orange County, be sure to ask about internship. Lastly, remember to inquire about accreditation. Find an X-ray Tech class at a reputable Healthcare school who is accredited. For instance, Modern Technology School is accredited by the ACCSC. This ensures the curriculum, program and school are all vetted by an unbiased third party.

Finding the Best X-ray Technician Class in Orange County for Your Specific Needs

Remember to take into consideration your own specific needs. We understand that every student is different, and each one comes with their own needs-list. Have you taken inventory of your own needs? If not, now’s a great time to make a short list of requirements for your X-ray Technician class in Orange County.

For instance, will you require financial aid? What about distance? Do you need to live fairly close to your X-ray Technician school, or are you willing to commute? Do you want to study radiology at a large school within big lecture halls or do you like smaller class sizes and hands-on training? Are you one of the many who are considering online X-ray Technician classes, and wondering if they’re right for you?

Will you need to look for X-ray Tech Night School? Finally, keep in mind that small costs add-up quickly. Overlooked items, such books and scrubs, or cost of your State Exams (and even parking) can drastically increase the cost of training if they’re not included in tuition.

Modern Technology School Offers an All-Inclusive, 12-month X-ray Technician Class in Orange County

If you’re new to all of this, don’t stress. Like any career worth it’s salt, Diagnostic Healthcare isn’t something you just jump into. That said, the good news is that we’re here to help. We’re a small Healthcare school; one that prides itself on our all-inclusive curriculum and hands-on training.

Moreover, our X-ray Technician class in Orange County offers medical assisting cross-training and clinical internship. We also pay for your first State Exams, both for MA and X-ray. Furthermore, the Medical Assisting National Certification Exam is proctored on-campus! We also include books, scrubs and free parking as part of tuition. Your pre-requisite classes are all built right into the X-ray program, meaning you don’t need to come with prior experience.

Lastly, we’re all about transparency. We love answering students’ questions. Our friendly Admissions Advisor provides one-on-one sessions where students never feel pressured. We want you to find the right X-ray Technician class in Orange County that’s right for you. Likewise, we also want the best students in our program, especially considering the small class size constraints and limits to how many students we can accept.

X-ray Technician Class in Orange County: How to Start Your Journey Towards Becoming an X-ray Tech

After you’ve completed your needs-list, start taking action! A good place to start is always searching for the best X-ray Tech schools near you. That said, you’ll want to check-in with a few schools. Be confident and feel free to ask questions when you meet with the Admissions representative. Don’t hesitate to ask about what’s actually included in their all-inclusive X-ray Tech program.

Find out if they offer clinical internship. Ask about medical assisting cross-training and certification. Find out how long the program is, and if you need prior experience in order to enroll. Do they offer Job Placement Assistance and Financial Aid to those who qualify? Remember to take the items on your needs-list into consideration. Don’t feel pressured to sign anything if you don’t feel good about it.

Finally, remember that we’re here to help. As mentioned prior, we’re a smaller school and can’t take every student that walks into our doors. That said, we definitely try our best, especially when we see something there — even without prior experience.

We offer free tours 5-days a week and our friendly Admissions Advisor is always glad to help. Give us a call today and let’s get the journey towards becoming an X-ray Tech started!

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