What Makes Our OC X-ray Tech Training Class so Unique?

We often get questions about why medical assistant cross-training is provided with our 12-month all-inclusive X-ray Technician program in Orange County. The truth is, here in California, Diagnostic Healthcare employers expect X-ray Techs to be trained and nationally certified medical assistants as well. This is of course great news, because we train for both here at Modern Technology School. Moreover, you don’t need to complete two separate programs or pay two separate tuitions. It’s all included as part of our OC X-ray Tech training class, which includes medical assisting.

Many students love that we offer the cross-training because it adds more to your tool belt! Furthermore, you have more job skills to fall back on, should the need ever arise. In theory, it should also keep you on the clock longer than if you were strictly x-raying patients too!

Our Orange County X-ray Tech program is unique for many reasons. First off, we’re all-inclusive, meaning you get everything you need under one program. Next, we cover all your pre-requisite training, so you can start with no prior training. You get the medical assisting cross-training, but also receive books/scrubs as part of your tuition. Moreover, there’s no parking fees, and we cover the cost of your first exams for both MA & X-ray! Want to learn more? Read on…

The Hands-On Training Philosophy in Our OC X-ray Tech Training Class

If you want to become an X-ray Tech in California, hands-on training is always the way to go! We’ve always based our curriculum and training around our hands-on philosophy. We understand that these days, many students would love some sort of Online X-ray Technician classes. However, realistically, you’ll be working in a field where patient interaction and professional patient skills are a must.

That’s why our OC X-ray Tech training class offers both hands-on training, and small class sizes! Moreover, we include your clinical internship, which is a big deal! No matter which X-ray Tech school in Orange County you attend, you should find one that’s all-inclusive. Furthermore, make sure that their version of all-inclusive means that you’ll receive your internship as part of the standard program! Your internship is vital, because you’ll be working in a live clinic with actual patients. You’ll also be working with physicians and alongside other more experienced X-ray Technicians.

The trick here is to make sure you ask any enrollment officer or admissions rep at the X-ray Tech school you visit with. Sometimes there’s a lot of language in marketing that gets diluted, so remember to compare apples to apples. If two X-ray Tech schools in Orange County are both all-inclusive, find out if one offers more hours of internship, etc. Moreover, remember that ultimately you want to find an OC X-ray Tech training class that fits your specific needs, and no one else’s.

Cost of Tuition of Our OC X-ray Tech Training Class — Is It Affordable?

In short, yes it’s affordable for most students! Moreover, we offer financial aid to those who qualify, so if you think you may need help paying for X-ray Technician school, you have options! Because we’re a smaller Healthcare school, we pass our cost savings onto our students. Nowhere else will you find such an outstanding value in an OC X-ray Tech training class, and here’s why…

We cover the cost of your first exams for both X-ray Technician and Medical Assisting (the latter being proctored on-campus)! We allow our students to use the labs when there’s no class scheduled in order to keep their skills sharp & practice! As mentioned, books and scrubs are included, and parking is always free on campus! Finally, we include clinical internship and Job Placement Assistance as part of the standard program!

Finally, keep in mind that you’ll also be receiving two educations for the cost of one. Not only are you trained as an X-ray Technician, but you also receive the Medical Assistant cross-training as part of the deal — not bad! There’s no hidden costs and no fees or agendas down the line after enrolling!

Is There an Evening OC X-ray Tech Training Class Available to Match My Busy Schedule?

Modern Technology School is proud to offer an Evening OC X-ray Tech training class to our students! We know that many of you live busy lives, have tight schedules and family obligations. As such, we’ve been offering an evening X-ray Tech program to our students for many years! Our X-ray Technician night class offers the same benefits as our all-inclusive daytime class!

While you will spend a little more time earning your diploma due to the shorter evening hours, these classes are great option! You still get the built-in clinical internship (which takes place during normal clinic hours) once you’ve completed the curriculum. Moreover, financial aid is available for our night classes as well!

How Do I Learn More About Modern Technology School’s All-Inclusive OC X-ray Tech Training Class?

To learn more and to get your questions answered with ease, simply give us a call! You can also fill out the green form below in order to have our friendly Admissions Advisor give you a call and help you with no pressure! Since we keep class sizes small, we never feel the need to herd students in like cattle or pressure anyone into enrolling. Instead, we let our OC X-ray Tech training class and all the benefits speak for themselves.

We’d love to learn more about what you would like to do with your career as an X-ray Tech in CA. Furthermore, we’re here to help answer any questions you may have — both about the career, and the curriculum here at MTS! We’re also happy to help you find out if you qualify for financial aid, and walk you through the simple steps!

We look forward to meeting you and learning more, and can’t wait to be a part of your X-ray Tech journey in California! Give us a call or stop in for a free tour of our Orange County Healthcare School today!

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