Small X-ray Tech Classes: Why They Work for our X-ray Technician Students

Small X-ray Tech classes are part of our commitment to our students here at Modern Technology School. We’ve always had a students-first culture here, ever since we opened our doors in 1981. Not only do we believe in hands-on x-ray technician training, but we don’t believe in the big lecture hall. Instead, we rely on an experienced faculty who knows what it’s like to work in the Diagnostic Healthcare field and to have stood in your shoes before.

Furthermore, we pride ourselves in providing an all-inclusive x-ray tech class curriculum. We have worked hard for decades in order to provide students with everything they need in order to begin their Healthcare careers in just 12 months. From the combined X-ray Technician / Medical Assistant training, to the included clinical internship, we cover all the bases. Moreover, our added-benefits bring huge value to our small x-ray tech classes. Let’s explore the MTS difference together in this article.

How Do Small X-ray Tech Classes Compare to a Large X-ray Technician Class?

It’s been proven in countless studies before, small classroom structure makes it easier to absorb the material. Moreover, it helps students understand and keep up with the curriculum. What’s more, is that small x-ray tech classes make it easy to ask questions. In return, you get your questions demonstrated for you, by a qualified instructor who has spent years living what they are teaching.

While some students may enjoy learning in large lecture halls amidst a ton of other students competing for the instructor’s attention, most students we meet with don’t. They’re proud to be a part of something small, structured for their needs, and focused on providing quality Healthcare training. Furthermore, when you’re more concerned about your students’ needs, it becomes less about the numbers — something larger schools with big overheads struggle with.

We’ve been determined to pack as much value as possible into our small x-ray tech classes since 1981. Ensuring that our students are getting the biggest bang for their buck is the only thing on our agenda, and we’re proud of that. Unlike other large x-ray tech schools, we don’t have to cover a huge overhead. Instead, we push for a solid foundation in professional patient care, and an all-inclusive x-ray technician / medical assistant program.

Are the Small X-ray Tech Classes at Modern Technology School All Inclusive?

Yup, you heard it right! We include everything you need in order to become an X-ray Technician in California in our X-ray Tech / Medical Assistant program. Not only  do you receive the X-ray Tech training in your x-ray tech courses, but you also get medical assistant cross-training. This is vital for X-ray Techs in California, as most Healthcare employers are looking for a hybrid of XT and MA.

So what’s included in small X-ray Tech classes at Modern Technology School?

  • All-Inclusive training, including all your pre-requisite classes — no prior experience is necessary!
  • Receive medical assistant cross-training at no additional cost
  • We include your clinical internship; you don’t have to find your own!
  • We cover the cost of your first X-ray Tech and Medical Assisting exams!
  • Get hands-on training in small x-ray tech classes
  • Books and scrubs are included in the cost of tuition
  • Parking is free; plus you don’t have to search for a spot
  • Financial aid is available to those who qualify
  • We believe in our beloved US Veterans; use your GI Bill for X-ray Tech school
  • Job placement assistance is part of the deal; we help with resumes, cover letters and interviews
  • No fighting for time on the machines, learn in a small group with like-minded students
  • Our faculty has over 150 years combined Healthcare training, teaching and field experience
  • We provide a 12-Month X-ray Technician / Medical Assisting curriculum — you’re in and out in less than a year!
  • We offer evening x-ray technician classes as well — simply ask!

How Do the Small X-ray Tech Classes at MTS Compare to Online X-ray Technician Classes?

First of all, there is no comparison. If there are other X-ray schools that attempt to teach you to become an X-ray Tech online, check them out. However, it’s vital to remember that becoming an X-ray Technician is a hands-on career. You need to have that understanding of working with patients and how to use the machines hands-on. Moreover, every patient is different, their needs will be different and ultimately, you don’t want to rely on hoping you understand the profession.

Instead, we push for direct interaction with students and instructors. Not only do you learn hands-on in our small x-ray tech classes, but the same goes for our labs. You get to work hands-on with the machines, taking digital x-rays, and learn how to use the older X-ray technology. This way, no matter where you begin your career, you’re confident.

While online X-ray Tech classes may be right for some, ultimately, you’ll need the hands-on training. Furthermore, you’ll definitely need it when it comes time for your required clinical internship. We include clinical internship at no additional cost. You’ll spend time in a live clinic, working alongside a real Healthcare staff and physician. Moreover, you’ll assist more experienced X-ray Techs and get an understanding of the career landscape and what the job entails. That said, online x-ray technician classes just can’t compare to a real, immersed, hands-on experience.

How Do I Enroll in the Small X-ray Tech Classes at Modern Technology School?

If you’re like most students, you have questions about your future as an X-ray Technician in California. Moreover, you probably are wondering what the process is, what the cost of tuition is, and how to begin your journey. That said, you’re not alone, and we get it. That’s why our friend Admissions Advisor is here to answer your questions 5-days a week. Unlike other X-ray Technician schools, we don’t have a huge overhead we need to cover. Also, since we’re dedicated to small x-ray tech classes, we can’t take everyone.

That said, if there’s a great fit on both sides, we want you consider our X-ray Technician / Back Office Medical Assistant program. Classes start roughly every other month here in Orange County. But don’t sleep on the fact that new ones begin often. Because of their small sizes, there is a back-log. Sometimes we’re able to squeeze a student in, in the event another drops.

Remember that the important thing is to be confident about your decision. We want you to be educated about your future. Whether you come here or go to another X-ray Tech school, won’t affect us much. However, if you do come here, know that we do rely on you; we need to keep our students strong and that our success depends on yours.

The Enrollment Procedure for Modern Technology School’s Small X-ray Tech Classes

It all starts with a phone call or shooting us your info using the handy green contact form on this page. We’ll contact you and walk you through our small x-ray tech classes. Moreover, if you have questions about financial aid or using your GI Bill, we’ll get those answered. We keep our admissions process simple and streamlined for students. Our tuition costs are often less than any other x-ray tech school in Orange County, and we pack more value into our program than any other x-ray school.

Give us a call at 714-418-9100 and ask for Admissions. Take a free tour of our Orange County Healthcare School, and ask us a ton of questions — we love answering them! Most of all, remember that we’re in your corner. Our small ACCSC-accredited Healthcare school has been here since 1981 and we’re proud to serve the Healthcare community. Ask us about the included clinical internship and why medical asssitant cross-training is so vital for X-ray Techs in California.

We’ll give you a tour of our school, get your questions answered and make sure you’re confident in your decision. So have a look around, do your research, read some more of our helpful articles and check us out on Yelp, YouTube and on Instagram & Facebook. We’re here to answer your questions and hope to help you become an X-ray Technician in less than a year! We look forward to hearing from you and being a part of your journey in Diagnostic Healthcare!

Questions About Our Small X-ray Tech Classes?

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